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Hello everyone,
I just switched Dash over to raw as he's developed allergies and I'm hoping this helps him with that, and also with all the other benefits RAW food brings.
Only thing is, I was cutting up some beef heart in to his portions yesterday and offered him a small piece. He looked at it, licked it then left it! Same with the ox kidney I got for a bit later on when he's settled in to it and can start introducing offal.
Did anyone else have some reluctant kids when first starting out? Did they come round to certain foods after a while or are some just a no no? He loves his beef mince but I was trying to find alternatives as that works out pretty expensive to get and the beef hearts are huge and one can give him two meals whereas a packet of mince only lasts one.
He's got chicken frames and chicken necks for his RMB. I also found some lamb off cut bones and stuff. I just need ideas for his meat! Does anyone just feed one type of meat all the time (not including RMB) and not vary it at all?
The mince however is handy because the consistency means I can easily hide his carrot and broccoli pulp in it lol.
Side note: does anybody else absolutely love preparing these meals?! I love that I know exactly what he's having. Thank you for all the info here :)
Love, Becky and Dash xx

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Hi Becky

Have you tried chopping or cutting up the hearts and mixing with the mince a small amount at first so he gets used to the smell. Also pork ribs are good. It's lovely feeding raw isn't it and they do enjoy it so much. Sometimes I lapse and give Murfee Bonios but if he has them too regularly his coat goes very dry. You will also find that people will remark on the lovely shiny coat. When other dog owners say this I advertise the fact that he is on raw food some people are very shocked but I've managed to convert a couple of people and they found that the health and temperament of the dog changed dramatically. Having said this I do feed him with our roast dinner leftovers but I don't put any gravy oni it just the juices from the veg. It makes him feel part of the family.
Regards, Teresa
Hi Teresa, thank you for your reply! I did wonder about doing that actually, blending the two... I think I might go for it. Already portioned and frozen it now though, so will have to get two meals out and divide them. Should be okay in the fridge for a day right? It will make the mince go further too. Maybe if I chop it finely enough he won't notice haha. I do get people commenting on his coat anyway, which always surprises me because he has a bald neck(underside) and belly due to his allergies. But nobody can see that thankfully! Think it's because he's still very young he has that teenage glow haha and the irish is rare around where I live, nobody is gets to see a shiny red coat worn by a prancing doggie who appears to be on stilts compared to the little fluffies that are so popular.
I bet Murfee loves those juices, my old dog loved them too. How long have you been feeding Murfee raw? My vet and some unconverted people I've spoken to have told me that it's not balanced diet and is hard to find a balance. The vet said its okay for a small while but then I see people who have fed their dogs raw for years and they are fine. Fascinating subject isn't it!
Becky and Dash xx
Hi Becky

Unfortunately allopathic vets don't know very much about animal nutrition. All homeopathic vets recommend raw feeding. Make sure though that he gets plenty of raw bone (I can hear vets throwing up their hands in horror at this advice) they need the calcium meaty bones are best. I usually buy economy chicken and quarter it myself that way they get plenty of soft meat with bone. I don't know how long you have been feeding raw but hopefully you will find an improvement with the irritation after a while. If not phone Ainsworth homeopathic chemist they are brilliant on advising you and will recommend a homeopathic remedy to help with the problem. I haven't been on this site for some time as it irritated me when people kept going on about the remedies not working, but I know it works I had a lot of problems with Murfee's health that have now been resolved with homeopathic remedies. I don't know where you live but in South zLondon they're aren't many homeopathic vets but as I said Ainsworth are brilliant you will find them on Google. Good luck and don't be swayed by other people's opinions you're doing the right thing feeding raw. Oh by the way Murfee will be 4 in May.




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