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Hi guy`s, it has been 10 days now since I interduced raw to Sofie. The picky one who I have to call 5-6 times to get her food, then often have to collect her and often feed her by hand. Well I am amazed how well she has taken to it, loves it and looks forward to her next meal there before I am ready.

One problem though, the other 2 also want her food, so looks like I shall be changing them all over ! Contacted 2 local butchers yesterday and looks like I have found a butcher who can meet my requirments with human grade food and the balance I require, lovely man who understood exactly what I want. Watch this space and thank you all so much for your help <:0)

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Glad it's working for you!  Lovely to see a fussy dog suddenly enjoying their food, isn't it?  I've found a new mince mix which Bess loves - Turkey and Venison!  Honestly, she has more variety of food than we do! 

Still buying tesco meat at the moment hope to get the butcher sorted by next week on average it will cost £3 per Kg this will be 10% offal 10% bone and 80% meat ( the meat is 80% lean meat ) includes lamb, beef, chicken and game, none of it minced only diced I think this is a bargain. Another butcher offered me minced meats including kidney and live at 40p Kg. NO cann`t be any good at that price. Happy with the offer I have had from the other butcher so that is the way I shall go ( for all three of them ) <:0)

Well done Angela.  You see dogs know what is good for them.  We all love biscuits but we wouldn't want them all the time!

Its amazing to see the change from a dog who does not love his food and whom I sometimes also had to handfeed into a dog who is impatiencely waiting for his food :-D  Like you I love my now much happier dog <3

Awww good girl Sofie! I just switched Dash over to raw yesterday. He's also fussy and he did look at me funny when I gave him a chicken frame, but oh that face once he realised what it was!!




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