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This is based on what our dogs would get...average weight 25kg-30kg roughly 2.2lb per day based on activity level high.

The menu is designed to attain and maintain nutritional balance over a one week period. Balance is achieved by including a variety of muscle meats, organs, fats and bones. This philosophy is based on the principles of the whole prey model (we do not feed veg). The plan can be strictly adhered to, or you may find your pet responds better to nutritional modifications (e.g., more chicken, less lamb). Vegetable puree is optional in a natural raw diet. Some dogs seem to love plant matter while others refuse to consume it. We prefer to give chunks of meats more than minces as they get the dogs jaws working but we do add minces to the diet.


Morning - 1lb of beef shoulder

Evening - 1 x lambs heart and 1/2lb of minced beef and bone with 1 egg


Morning - 1lb of Minced Green Tripe & Salmon Oil

Evening - Turkey Back


Morning - 1lb of beef chunks

Evening - 1lb of minced beef and bone


Morning - 1lb Salmon Strips with Salmon Oil

Evening - 2 x Chicken Thighs 


Morning - Minced Turkey & Tripe

Evening - Lamb Neck or Ribs


Morning - 1lb Beef & Lamb

Evening - Whole Sardines & Egg


Morning - lb Chicken & Liver

Evening - 1lb Beef Mince and Bone

I feed 80% meat 10% bone 10% organ half of that being liver, an egg every few days, and add some fish oil. If the poo is too white and crumbly I will reduce the bone content.

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