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Back from BC and had a wonderful time. The weather co-operated for the most part except when we were trialing!!!! We took in a trial at Courtney/Comox BC. The people were very welcoming to the Saskatchewan folks and the red ones! Most couldn't get over the size of Zena....Yes she is a big girl at 29.5" to the withers and she holds herself quite proudly. One comment I heard alot was how graceful she was. We did well in the events and qualified in Masters Jumpers.

Once back we headed off to our first CKC event. There are not alot of CKC events held in the area so when the opportunity presented itself....I figured why not. The events are different than the AAC (rules mostly) which is the venue I compete most in. We did well with 3 of 4 qualifying runs. In the CKC when you run the Standard course there is a table and if you perform a down in one run the following requires you do a sit on the table. Well.....Zena has never sat on the table, so when she got up and downed I asked her to sit. She looked at me like I had 3 heads. Lets just say that it took about 40 seconds to convince her that I had not lost my mind. The Judge saw great humor in this and I was about ready to sit on the table myself and take the count!

Off to Brandon, Manitoba this weekend for a wonderful trial at the Crocus Obedience Club. This is the last outdoor trial of the season and it is a beautiful site for a trial. Here's hoping that the weather co-operates!

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