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Eukanuba Classic, Long Beach, California 4 Dec 10

BOB Ch Greengate's Bells and WHistles
BOS Ch Antares Amelia Earhart

The Eukanuba World Challenge offers top dogs from around the world the unique opportunity to participate in the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in California. All eligible dogs may compete to win the $50,000 prize for Best in Show.

Dogs also compete for the title of Eukanuba World Challenge Champion, with a $10,000 prize; additional prizes are $3,000 for the runner-up and $2,000 for first runner-up.

In 2010, the 41 selected dogs, representing countries from around the globe, receive an all-expenses paid* trip to compete at the 2010 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship and/or the 2010 Eukanuba World Challenge at the Long Beach Convention Center in California, USA, December 4th - 5th, 2010.

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Comment by Chantal McIlveen-Wright on December 5, 2010 at 7:20am
No pictures John? cuddles to the dogs
All the very best
Comment by Alayne, Summer & Dash on December 5, 2010 at 1:18pm
Would love to see pictures. Ch Greengate Bells & Whistles, is a brother to a dog I watch, pictures on my page, named Ch Greengate The Boss at Beaubriar, & Ch Buzz Lightyear. They are all gorgeous dogs
Comment by John B. Hughes/Absinthe on December 5, 2010 at 6:27pm
Sporting Group - 4th Place
GCH CH Greengate Bells N Whistles

Best of Breed
GCH CH Greengate Bells N Whistles

Best of Opposite Sex
GCH CH Antares Amelia Earhart

Best Bred By in Breed/Variety
CH Galewinns Put Me In Coach

Award of Excellence
CH Tramore Just Showing Off
GCH CH Kaerdon's Just Tickled Pink JH
GCH CH Windntide Mr. Sandman

Disclaimer: Awards of Excellence are currently displayed in alphabetical order and will be updated later this week to reflect the order awarded by Judge.

JUDGE: Mrs. Donna J. Buxton

Setters (Irish), Best of Breed/Variety, Dogs
ABSN 11 CH Windrose First Ascent . SN59936201 . 12201998. BREEDER: Carol Horner/Jack Horner By CH Ballymera's Whisperin' Secrets -CH Sunshine's Luck Be A Lady OWNER: Lynn Hill (Colton Johnson, Agent)
15 CH Challenge Home Run . SR51421402 . 08122008. BREEDER: Mary Jane Mowry/Robert Robinson/Patricia Robinson By GCH CH Courtwood Seeker -CH Rockherin Liberty Belle OWNER: Robert & Patricia Robinson & Mj Mowry
BOBBBE 17 CH Galewinns Put Me In Coach . SR36536012 . 06052006. BREEDER: Pam Gale/Kim Lamontagne By CH Windrose Who's On First? -CH Galewinns Legend Of Keliaire OWNER: Bill Cody & Pam Gale
19 GCH CH Tramore Galewinns Mak'N An Impact . SR46243703 . 09142007. BREEDER: Ginny Swanson/Pam Gale/Debbie Tissot By CH Galewinns Put Me In Coach -CH Tramore Impetuous Imperial Imp OWNER: Ginny Swanson & Pam Gale
JAM 21 CH Tramore Just Showing Off . SR24486501 . 01032005. BREEDER: Ginny Swanson By CH Waterford Show Off -CH Tramore Honeysuckle Rose OWNER: Sidney L & Shelly Marx
23 GCH CH Driftwoods Heart And Soul . SR36869705 . 04122006. BREEDER: Denise Adams/Steve Adams By CH Kennlee Dream Walker -CH Driftwood's Fire In The Sky OWNER: Mary Fairchild Shader
JAM 25 GCH CH Windntide Mr. Sandman . SR43251601 . 05202007. BREEDER: Carol McGarry/Christina Marley By CH Westeirann Estrella Magic -CH Windntide Sand In My Genes CD RE JH OWNER: Patrick J & Carol R McGarry
27 GCH CH Rosette's No Stone Unturned . SR45322601 . 09012007. BREEDER: Laura Edwards-Johnson/Diane Carl/Susan Walker By CH Courtwood Stonehenge -CH Rosette's Devil In A Blue Dress OWNER: Diane Carl & Laura Edwards Johnson (Mark Bettis, Agent)
BOB/GRP4 5 GCH CH Greengate Bells N Whistles . SR27551101 . 07062005. BREEDER: Barbara Watanabe/Bernadette Elliott By CH Saxonys Vaquero Of Greengate -CH Beaubriar Belle Of Greengate OWNER: Barbara Watanabe
7 CH Belvedere's Mayflower . SR34830403 . 05012006. BREEDER: Terry Zilisch/Brittani Zilisch/Leslie A Russell By CH Avon Farm Best Foot Forward -CH Avon Farm Rita Hayworth OWNER: Terry Zilisch & Reighlyn Zilisch
9 GCH CH Herihunda's Table For One . SR38967401 . 10032006. BREEDER: Margaret Ford By CH Ballymera's Whisperin' Secrets -CH Herihunda's Voluptuous OWNER: Joseph J & Katherine G Young (Melissa Money, Agent)
Setters (Irish), Best of Breed/Variety, Bitches
10 GCH CH Soraj Dances With Wolves . SR43322603 . 05152007. BREEDER: Carol L Newman/Renette Berggren By CH Cairncross Justified -Ciarncross Rave Reviews OWNER: John & Debbie Murray Carol Newman Shea Jonsrud
12 CH Captiva's Still Got It . SR53984502 . 08162008. BREEDER: Lynne Harley/Jillian Taylor By CH Captiva's Tommy Hilfiger -CH Captiva's Cassiopeia OWNER: John Hughes & Jillian Taylor
14 GCH CH Glenrose Solitary Star . SR30418701 . 09182005. BREEDER: Glenn R Olsen/Roseline G Olsen/Cassandra A Davis By CH Windrose First Ascent -CH Glenrose American Destiny OWNER: Glenn R & Roseline G Olsen & Cassandra A Davis
ABSN 16 CH Ashton Peaceful Easy Feeling . SR26877108 . 06042005. BREEDER: Janet Jenkins Hylton/Nancy Godbey/Gary L Hylton By CH Mi Jean's I Fooled Ya -CH Pin Oak Secret-Lee Ashton JH OWNER: Janet Jenkins Hylton & Gary Hylton (Jennifer Holmberg, Agent)
ABSN 18 CH Evergreen Lucky Morn Here Comes The Sun . SR44688210 . 08142007. BREEDER: Jan Ziech/Mary Merlo By Shadyview South's Soco -CH Evergreen Raise N The Stakes OWNER: Jan Ziech
20 GCH CH Shadagee Caught Red Handed . SR38276909 . 11152006. BREEDER: Debbie Burke/Timothy Burke/Ellen Bieler By CH Kerry-Eire Believable -CH Jewelset Sunnyside Up OWNER: Debra S Burke & Nancy Lee Conner (Adam C Bernardin, Agent)
OS 6 GCH CH Antares Amelia Earhart . SR40024003 . 12152006. BREEDER: Mary Goeke/Pat Goeke By GCH CH Courtwood Seeker -CH Windrose Helen Wheels OWNER: Mary & Pat Goeke (Monica Lamontagne, Agent)
JAM 8 GCH CH Kaerdon's Just Tickled Pink JH . SR28420804 . 06092005. BREEDER: Leta Graham/Wendell Graham By CH Orchard Farm Mak'n Magic -CH Westeirann Emerald Essence OWNER: Jack & Sonja Kinney & Breeder (Christina Marley, Agent)


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