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Hi Folks !

Well it was a long day or us all yesterday. Left Co. Wexford at 6.30am and arrived in Gilabbey Veterinary Hospital Co.Cork a little after 9 for Lego's 9.30 appointment.

The orthopedic specialist had a really good look at him. Initially he was there for an arthroscopy procedure but after having another check of his older x-rays and a good feel of the shoulder area, the vet decided he didn't need to preform one as he could determine where the main problem area was. This was good news, as he wouldn't need to be cut !

Apparently he has damaged both the front and back of his shoulder. The lose bone fragment lies to the back but doesn't seem to be causing the pain & lameness. It's the torn tendon, which is becoming mineralised that's the biggest concern.

The vet decided to put Lego out & get 4 more new x-ray views of this area and try re-injecting him with depo-medrone, only this time into the front of the shoulder as opposed to last time, which was into the back of the joint. He only had to shave a relatively small area this time.

We have to wait and see now how long he will get out of this new steroid injection, however the vet has recommended that once it wears off that Legolas will need to come back to Cork for surgery and have the troublesome tendon cut out.

All in all we left Cork at about 3.30 and my poor baby...still very doped slept all the way home, until 6pm. The downside is that for the next two weeks he is only allowed out for two 10 min walks a day in the garden and on the lead !!! and all toilet breaks will also be on the lead...he must be kept quiet and calm at all times !!!! Good Lord...I can already hear the theme music to 'Mission Impossible' playing in my head...how on earth I'm going to manage this I'll never know :) Setters &  a calm/quiet/sedantary lifestyle...just don'tt really go together ! at least I'm off for the two weeks (easter break) & can keep a very close eye on him.

So that's the up-date so far my friends...getting there but not quite over yet, there'll be a surgery in the future at some stage and hopefully after that we can all put it behind us :)       xxx

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Comment by Michelle Walsh on April 21, 2011 at 1:26pm

Hello my friends ! many thanks to you all here on ES for your wonderful well wishes for my lad Legolas. I've tried to answer you all back...I'm hoping I haven't missed anyone...sincerest apologies if I have.

Thanks again folks...the beastie is back to normal today...God help us all :)  xx

Comment by Cornelia on April 22, 2011 at 12:32am
Thanks, Michelle, for keeping us updated about Legolas; I'm glad he did not have to be cut this time and wish him the best of luck!! You might try some indoors clicker and/or sniffer games to tire him - or give him a good book to read :-)).
Comment by Barbara on April 22, 2011 at 4:07am
Thank you Michelle for the update - wish you and poor Legolas best of luck!


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