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Results 2008 from Vicary's FirstRoyal :

Gent 24/2/2008 junior class 3 U, judge Mr Chris Atkinson

Groningen 1/03/2008 junior class 1U, junior Cac judge Mrs Walsh

Leeuwarden 24/03/2008 junior class 1U, junior Cac en res CAC Judge Mrs Hollings

Goes 6/4/2008 junior class 1U, junior Cac, CAC and his title from junior champion off the Netherlands Judge Mrs E H V Drunen

Arendonk 04/05/2008 clubmatch ISC Belgium Junior class 3U Judge Mrs Shaw-Rainey

Arnhem 11/05/2008 junior class only ZG Judge Wellens

Afferden 18/05/2008 clubmatch ISC Netherland junior class U judge Mr Tobin

Bennekom 25/05/2008 junior class 1U Junior Cac and RES CAC Judge Mrs Medvedec

Lommel 08/06/2008 1U Intermediate class judge Mrs Hollings

Bruxelles 22/06/2008 1U Intermediate class and RES CAC Judge Mr Riu Oliveira

Uden 28/06/2008 1U Intermediate class and BEST MALE CAC/CACIB judge Mr A.Killykeen

Leuven 2/08/2008 1U Intermediate class and BEST MALE CAC Judge Mrs Davidovic Natasa

Luedersburg 24/08/2008 2U Intermediate class Judge Mrs Diana Ritchie

Rotterdam 31/08/2008 1U Intermediate class Judge Mr Armstrong

Zwolle 14/09/2008 1U Intermediate class Judge Mr T. Rainey

Maastricht 28/09/2008 1U Intermediate class and BEST MALE CAC/CACIB Judge Mr AAR Doedijns, with 3 Cac's and his Junior Title he is ready to be a Champion!!!

Budapest 3/10/2008 Europeen Dogshow 3U Intermediate class Judge Mrs Eeva Parkkivaara-Anttinen

Budapest 4/10/2008 Hungarian Clubshow 1U CAC Intermediate class Judge Mrs Lynn Muir

Utrecht 25/10/2008 1U Intermediate class Judge Mr K. VanGenechten

Bleiswijk 2/11/2008 1U Intermediate class Judge Mrs M.E.Hathaway CAC/CACIB +BOB + BOG3

Kortrijk 16/11/2008 1U Intermediate class Judge Mr R.Blomme

Amsterdam 30/11/2008 1U Intermediate class Judge Mr F.Kane

Genk 14/12/2008 2U Intermediate class Judge Mr J. De Cuyper

Wijchen 22/12/2008 1U Intermediate class Judge W; Hochtstenbach

My half sister Fancy Face (Meissi) is BEST BELGIUM BITCH AND BEST DUTCH DOG OF THE YEAR!!!

We are so happy and proud! Special thanks to Yvonne, the breeder and handler from VICARYS!
Not easy to be the best in both competitions and that with two young dogs, Meissi 2.5 years old and Royal 2 years old.

Many thanks to all our friends for support and sympathy, hopefully we will see us next year Merry Christmas and Happy Newyear

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