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At 12:38pm on January 13, 2010, Jenny Ronnebro said…
Welcome Claire! I hope and think that you will enjoy this site! Best rgrds from Jenny
At 2:08pm on January 13, 2010, Dawn Riddell said…
Hi Claire, and welcome. Lovely to see you here.

Regards, Dawn Riddell.
At 5:06pm on January 13, 2010, Myra Thomas-Rhodes said…
Cheers, from Sunny Down Under!
At 12:05pm on January 18, 2010, marita jonsson said…
Thank you! I`m very proud of my dogs.You have very nice dogs to

Regards from Marita
At 12:39pm on January 18, 2010, Carmel Murphy said…
Hello Claire!! Enjoy the site!!;o)
At 1:18pm on January 18, 2010, Adrienne Callister said…
Hi Claire
How was the holiday?
At 4:55am on January 19, 2010, Dee Rance said…
Hi Claire I did have every intention in going to Crufts, Saffy can't be entered and not sure if Jas wants to come out of retirement, but now with the puppy I don't have anyone to look after them all, so won't be making it there, unless something good crops up..ie someone to look after them all.
But will be going to Midlands and SEISC Champ shows, with the new boy...
How are you doing now??? good I hope. Dee and the gang
At 8:14am on January 19, 2010, Adrienne Callister said…
Trisa is the living double of my Anna, who died aged 141/2. She was from Stella's first litter to redins Justin at Stylersetts.
Indie's mum, Redleven Marshall.
At 10:49am on January 19, 2010, Catherine Carter said…
Hi Claire,
Welcome to this site! I have been on ES for a couple of years now or even longer......I am sure you will enjoy it here....we have some very good forums and conversations especially with people from the Continent and the USA. I have not been showing much lately but will be at Crufts with my old Pete!
At 2:38am on January 21, 2010, Wendy Lewis said…
Hiya Claire ummm recognise those dogs of yours LOL will post pics later Wen x
At 4:55am on January 22, 2010, colette tuite said…
Hi Claire,

Ihavnt been to a show since the NEISC in Oct.Iwas entered at LKA and Boston but did not go to either.My pups were out of Puppy at the beginning of Oct so i did'nt mind a little break ,however it would seem that they will be out of Junior without ever being in it.!!

I have entered Manchester this weekend and the Midlands and Crufts so hope to see you at some of these shows.?
At 3:48am on January 23, 2010, Ingrid Noyelle said…
Hi Claire, yes it has been a long time, last time was Windsor last year !
I do not think I will go to Crufts this year, but you never know, maybe last minut change !
Must say, I do love your boy "Chance" !!
At 4:08pm on January 23, 2010, Dawn Riddell said…
Hi Claire, yes, Rory and I will be at Crufts.............probably wasting our time, but what the heck it's Crufts. You've just gotta be there haven't you.

Dawn R.
At 4:19pm on January 24, 2010, Hilary Crosswell said…
Hi Claire
It's good to hear from you, it seems ages since we last had a good old chat! Are you going to MISS or SEISC? It would be good to catch up. If not will see you at Crufts, I cannot believe it is nearly that time again!!
Best wishes
At 2:41pm on January 25, 2010, Kristina Netterwall said…
Hallo Claire!
Thank you very much for your gift. I love flowers. Give my love to your beautiful dogs. You are so nice.
Greetings from my two flowers Malva and Iris /
At 2:53pm on January 25, 2010, Jennifer E Bennett said…
Thankyou for inviting Moll & me to Ronni's party on Sat,we did enjoy ourselves. Mmmm!! all that lovely food.
Hope the gang enjoy their liver cake.
Ta Ta Jen
At 12:10pm on January 27, 2010, Angela Roberts said…
Thanks Claire for inviting me as a friend and your kind words. Willow is starting hydrotherapy on Friday but at the moment I can't see her ever going back in the ring. I am so pleased to have 6 bitches in my litter to choose from, exciting days ahead!
At 3:49pm on January 29, 2010, Suzanne Humphries said…
Thanks for the flowers, so nice, pity I cannot smell them!
At 2:52am on February 1, 2010, Dušanka Božič said…
Hi! Thanks you for your cute comment. My boy is being really nice and has a wonderful character. Comes from Slovenian farming, his father is Sumaric Salazzo, his grandfather is Don Corleone and grandmother Jonola Sumaric. It is also a successful show dog.
Best regards
Dušanka and Filip
At 4:45pm on February 1, 2010, Vojna Medvedec said…
Thank you Claire,of course I keep contact with you!I appreciate to be in touch with all the real knowers,experienced breeders and owners of this outstanding breed!
Cinology is the science where learning and experience have not an end,Allover the world there are so many people who do not respect the knowledge and experience of those who know a little bit more!
Best wishes Vojna

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