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At 11:45am on November 30, 2010, Chantal McIlveen-Wright said…
Thanks so much Peter and sorry for the emotional journey. My current IS is having mysterious problems hence I am becoming more and more concerned about our beloved IS' health problems and gathering as much info as possible.
All the very best and a special cuddle to Elton.
At 3:14pm on December 2, 2010, Cheryl Gorey said…
Hi Peter

So glad that Elton is giving you so much love and joy. Miss Bridget is just beautiful. I love her to bits and she is giving us much joy and such a character. She has just finished her season (bit earlier than I thought!!!!). I posted some pics last month, if you want to have a look. I will have to get some more before the year's out! chat soon
At 6:41am on December 20, 2010, martina mckeag said…

 Hi Peter

Thank you for your comment yes i did take her to classes she actually has a bronze

and silver in obedience.I should have let her of when she was a pup now im just


At 10:22am on December 31, 2010, Anna Kazimierowicz said…

Thanks Peter for your warm and wise words;-)

All the best in 2011!!!


At 3:07am on January 8, 2011, Cheryl Gorey said…

Hi Peter, thanks, yes we are the lucky ones this time with the flooding not affecting us.  Yes, it seems quite strange, floods in Qld and I think NSW is going to get some of the flooding too, Victoria with bushfires and WA also with bushfires and 40 degree heat!!  Quite bizarre really.


Hope all is going well for you all down your way.  Any bushfires near you?




At 3:36am on January 8, 2011, Ewa Wojcik said…

Happy New Year to you !!!


At 4:13am on January 13, 2011, Sheree Parrish said…

Hi Peter,

I hope you all manage to stay safe, very scary from what we see on the news, it must be worse actually living it.

Look forward to chatting on ES


At 7:13pm on February 2, 2011, rosie beere said…

Hi Peter,

thanks for you help re-insurance will look it up. re-Elton i know Marie and also Pam Stork who has Casey his little mate. was so sorry to hear of your loss after just loosing my girl.

cheers Rosie


At 5:17pm on February 3, 2011, rosie beere said…

Hi Peter,

was not sure if i can send back an email off your reply so doing it here instead.

is your sister Pat? she was at the Kintala club which is where i met her and still teach at.

i live in Scarsdale where i also teach from home. if Pat is your sister say Hi to her. i know life has been tough theses last  few years.

will look into Petmed.

cheers Rosie

At 7:48pm on February 4, 2011, Myra Thomas-Rhodes said…

Hi Peter,

Thankyou for some very funny comments! Most enjoyable!


At 2:58am on February 6, 2011, rosie beere said…

Hi Peter,

missed your email so went to the show which i loved. met a lot of lovely Irish Setter people and helped a chap John from Melbourne one of his dogs was Rory sorry thats all i remember. caught up with friends at the shepherd club was chief instructer there and branch manager so all in all a good day.

did you get flooded? hope all is ok with you. would loved to have met your afghan.

catch up one day.

cheers Rosie

PS fancy you being Pats brother what a small world.

At 4:13am on February 10, 2011, Cornelia said…
Hi Peter, thanks for your comment! I have a book at home from a lady who crossed Australia on a camel and had a dog with; titel: 'From Alice to Ocean'! Our walk will not be that long, but they are indeed memorable things to do, even split in tiny stages :-)). All the best, Cornelia
At 11:51pm on February 17, 2011, Sherry Miller said…

Hi Peter.

    Hope the next chase is not bee's!  Molly here was chasing bee's in clover last year....would stamp at them and jump back...one got her and since then we have not seen her do it again....will see what spring and summer bring here when bee's are out again and no problem on mispelling name.


At 11:54pm on February 17, 2011, Sherry Miller said…


Elton is beautiful...or should that be handsome.  Don't they just help fill the empty places in our lives when we lose a beloved friend?  I know our Molly did.  Enjoy .

At 9:02pm on February 18, 2011, Sherry Miller said…
Hi Peter...Molly loved the dragonflies here last summer...and butterflies but have noticed she did start leaving the bees alone.  I scraped the stinger off and held ice on her nose to prevent swelling...had benadryl incase she started to react but got lucky that time.  We have a few months to go here before we get warm enough for butterflies again.  They are so much fun to watch playing with nature...just looks a wee bit unfair with the difference in size though I guess the butterfly and dragon flies have the advantage of being able to fly.:)
At 5:16am on February 20, 2011, Suzanne said…

Hello Peter,

Thank you for commenting on Jenna birthday. She is surely smiling, she knew it was her special day.


At 1:25pm on February 21, 2011, dee milligan-bott said…

Hi Peter

Thank you for your comments, its so nice to meet another who has Irish and Afys we have had Afghans for about 16years now and although we have had some beautiful hounds we have never had one as outgoing as Mercy, I am really enjoying showing her.  Her father is french from Martial Robins Menuel du Galopin kennel, his web site is well worth looking at he has the most gorgeous Afghans you can find a link to him on our www.thendara.uk.com site.  Mercy's mother is almost all English with a bit of foreign breeding through Exos Gameboy.

Bye for Now with Kind Regards



At 5:18am on February 22, 2011, Krista Dennis said…
Hi Peter,

The two puppies are located at Pets Paradise in Macarthur Square shopping centre, NSW. There phone number is: 02 4627 4687

The breeder has more puppies and apparently will give the pet store more if the first two sell fast.

My friend went in the other day and pretended to be a buyer, he asked some questions and the pet store couldn't even answer so they told him to go look on google for more information on the breed. When I first saw them, I asked a bit of questions and they told me that the puppies have pedigree papers, I don't know if they are telling me the truth or not, but that is what they told me..

I am not sure what the breeder's kennel name is, no idea. All I know is that their names are Poppy and Robert.

At 5:21am on February 22, 2011, Krista Dennis said…

Also, if you want me to send the photos, I  am happy to do so. 


I may go in tomorrow with my family and try see them again..



At 5:45am on February 23, 2011, Krista Dennis said…

Hi Peter,


Thankyou for the update.


Yes, I do know who the breeders are...

I will send private message.

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