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At 11:03am on July 10, 2007, NanaStruwing said…
JWW-98 Dubliner Daniel The Dodger & my daughter Camilla
At 11:45am on July 10, 2007, Laura Kolbach said…
hej mina danska vänner :)
At 2:16pm on July 10, 2007, Alenka Pokorn said…
Hi Nana, great to have you here as well. Seems to be a lot of fun here and a really nice crowd is gathering. Love, Alenka
At 6:09am on July 11, 2007, Alenka Pokorn said…
We are all doing well thank you. We are expecting a litter mid August by Pika's son and out of Zennith's daughter. Should be interesting. Love Alenka
At 9:31am on July 12, 2007, NanaStruwing said…
Forget it........... :o)))
At 2:36am on July 14, 2007, Christoph Ostendorf said…
Hello Nana,

how are you? How are your dogs?
In Vreden all is okay. Aeon and Dante are beautiful dogs, my Gina is a little bit crasy, but a fantastic young Lady.
Today we have a big party from our family, it meens a lot of beer.

Regards from Germany
At 6:29am on July 30, 2007, Agnieszka Dufrat 'Neiven' said…
Hi Nana,
Nice to see you here. I love your dog - Daniel. He is beautiful! Good luck for the future.
Best Greetings
At 3:31pm on August 3, 2007, Jenny Ronnebro said…
Hej Nana! Det går finfint med Hanna! Snart stor tjej! Hoppas att ni mår bra. Kram Jenny
At 7:46pm on August 9, 2007, Mavis said…
Hope you accept my friend request Nana. You just have to click the accept link at the top of your page.
At 12:47am on August 10, 2007, Myra Thomas-Rhodes said…
Australia calling Nana!
I live in Perth, Western Australia, and I imported my beautiful boy "Nome" from Camilla. He is the one sitting on my right in the picture opposite.
Hope you keep in touch,
Cheers, Myra.
At 6:22am on August 10, 2007, Myra Thomas-Rhodes said…
Lovely to meet you Nana,
Isn't it a small world? You have met Nome and Aniara already!
Hope to see you in Sweden one day. I will be judging ther next year.
Love Myra. XX
At 4:06pm on August 13, 2007, NanaStruwing said…
Nice to meet you to. My daughter Camilla (the blond girl on my photo) was very impressed to see your DVD, and she talks about a trip to Australia when she is finish with her education next year.
I live in Denmark, but will enter some shows in Sweden with my Copper bitch, so maybe i'll see you there next year.
Love, Nana
At 11:05pm on August 13, 2007, Myra Thomas-Rhodes said…
Hello Nana and Camilla,
You are always welcome to stay with us if you visit us Down Under.
We are in Winter at this time of the year, and at last we have had a good amount of rain.
Probably Spring, in September is the best time to visit. It is warm like your Summers, but green and very pretty. February and March can be very hot and dry ,and I really do not like it at this time of year.
Next year I will be in Sweden in July. Hope to meet you there.
At 2:34pm on August 18, 2007, Sussie Larsson said…
Hej Nana,
Det var länge sedan, hoppas allt är väl med dig och hundarna.
At 5:26pm on September 10, 2007, Laura Kolbach said…
hej Nana, hur får man tag i jägarpojkarna? ;-)
At 8:56am on September 11, 2007, NanaStruwing said…
Hvad skal du bruke en jägerpojk til? :o))
At 4:25pm on September 15, 2007, Ingrid Noyelle said…
Hi Nana,
Hope to see you soon !
Ingrid, Owen & Lewis
At 1:08pm on September 17, 2007, NanaStruwing said…
Hi Ingrid,
Nice to see you here. See you friday 28th :-)
Love, Nana
At 9:13am on December 25, 2007, Myra Thomas-Rhodes said…
Merry Christmas to you and your Family.
Enjoy the Festive Season,
At 4:01am on January 1, 2008, Christoph Ostendorf said…
Hello Nana,

Happy New Year

Greetings from Germany

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