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I didn't see much mention of this here in the U.S. but the irish setter took best of show!







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CH WINDNTIDE MR. SANDMAN. SR43251601. 5/20/07. Brdr: Carol McGarry,Christina Marley, CH WESTEIRANN ESTRELLA MAGIC - CH WINDNTIDE SAND IN MY GENES JH, CD, RE. Owners: Patrick J. McGarry,Carol R. McGarryAgent: Peter Kubacz (Dog)
The Eukanuba Classic is next weekend in Long Beach, Calif.-Dec 4th. My Tarah is only 2yrs. old, but she was invited, so we're entered and going. " Mr Sandman" should be there as well as 18 other Irish . I bet we'll be the only one who doesn't have a BIS-oh well-she's only 2.
How exciting for you John. I will watch for your Tarah. I never miss the dog shows but this one was during the day on Thanksgiving and I had company over and was in the kitchen for 12 hours! Figures the one I had to miss, our breed takes it all. I felt from watching the video that Clooney looked like he was enjoying himself very much and was a great example of the zest for life our irish have.
It won't be on TV until Jan 2011 and thanks. I don't expect anything other than it is an honor to be asked and should be a good show. Tarah hasn't been shown much as she finished so easily. I'll show her at the Nationals in Oklahoma and then she has a planned breeding-so hopefully motherhood and puppies. There are 19 Irish entered at Eukanuba , so it's a real chance to see some I've only followed. I am looking forward to it. I'll try and post pics!
Thanks Sue and Cash for putting this on, very interesting...and congratulations to the Irish BIS....always great when that happens...And good luck all who go to Long Beach....;o)
What a beautiful dog Clooney is. He won best of his group, and then Best In Show. First time an Irish Setter has won in 9 years, with 2,000 dogs entered. Here is another story with video.

That was a great website the way they break down each breed and you can watch what you like to see.
Sue I am sure you can watch most of the Eukanuba one eventually on youtube or another site. I will be sure to find it for you when the time comes.

Thanks for the link, Sue. Interesting to watch. I had a look at the Weimaraner and had to smile at the commentator saying: used to hunt bears and wolves... news to me, but then I'm not into the breed.




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