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We had a meeting of all show judges and aspirants last weekend (Verein Pointer und Setter/Germany).
Coming from Austria was a letter, asking to pay more attention to the size of IS.
Same was mentioned in a letter from German Kennel.
"Regarding IS the size in standard is:
males 58 - 67 cm
females 55 - 62 cm
Excellent can therefore be give for:
males 56 - 69 cm
females 53 - 64 cm
IS over or under that sizes are to be ranked one degree lower, i.e. VERY GOOD instead of Excellent.
Logically this indicates that
males over 71 cm / under 54 cm
females over 66 cm / under 51 cm
have to be disqualified.

How big or small are your IS around ?


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Alenka, yes...it is correct what you write. If there is NO disqualifying height in a breed standard, the FCI gives this 3% mark.

So Germany's VDH asks since 2001 to take care of the size of IS.
Verein für Pointer und Setter e.V. is responsible that all judges follow these rules, as teeth (full dentition) and height belong to the standard.

The script for judges will be worked out soon, but I think you can get the protokoll of the meeting before. Give a call when needed.

regards Christiane
i am sorry for going off the topic here, but i have to ask...
...forgive me for my ignorance, but usually judges from western European countries while judging here don't look for full dentition (while for our judges it is very often a cause for disqualification).
It would be nice to hear from some of you perhaps how it is looked upon in your countries from a judging point of view as well as breeder's. Thanks. (and btw i don't think that full dentition is mentioned in the IS standard!?)
Tricky ! I like it. I understood that the KC (Kennel Club) gave a 'Glossary of Canine Terms' in 1983. Here you find under 'dentition' that all dogs SHOULD have a full dentition with 42 teeths.
This 'glossary' was necessary as the first document dated january 1987 gave only comments on the 'bite', i.e. the front teeth.
Especially ES are said to have big problems with full dentition.
But as I am just an egg in this discussion, I am sure (and hope!) for more input from other side.





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