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Judge: Mevr. M.Holmi, Norway

1ex Queenstone King Kane
2ex Pleased to meet you v.h. Adelaarsvaren
3ex Churchfield Zapper
4ex Queenstone Lightning Flash
ex Ballyshannon's Happy Hunter

Young Dog
1ex Ireleith Frodo
good Illan Mac Jee of the Red Kindness

1ex Joy v.d. Grasbroekerhof JCAC
2ex Ettan of the Trav'lin Star
3ex Trawricka Gaelic Hero

1ex Kamp. Enjoy van de Grasbroekerhof CAC/CACIB BOB
2ex Queenstone the Jee-Jee Man Res.CACIB

1ex Yakez of the Chicken Farm Res.CAC


1ex Junah Obvious Red
2ex Fairhaven Engla
3ex Romarne Honesty
4ex Churchfield Zizzy
vg Tuatha de Dannan from Askeaton

Young Dog
1ex Love at First Sight of the Red Empire Res.CAC/Res.CACIB
2ex Ilana Rascal of the Red Kindness
3vg Blossom of the Autumn Sun

1ex Faradiva of the Chicken Farm JCAC
2vg Valley from Askeaton
good April of Redpride

1ex Daddys Red Jewel of the Trav'lin Star CAC/CACIB

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Thanks Mirjam and congrats to all winners!
and a special 'well done' to the relative, ie Love at First Sight of the Red Empire!
Thanks for the results, do you have any photos maybe? :-)
congratulations to Kimmo's sister , well done , we did not enter Kimmo , he will go easter monday to Leeuwarden , we did enter Pelle but it was really not her type , she liked the American types better , he became reserve best dog , so still very proud of him
I added the qualification of Cian!!! I'm sorry but I didn't write it in my catalogus... Oops! I didn't make pictures but I'll try to find some...
Thanks Mirjam for results. I hope you will find some photos for us ;-)
I have one picture from the site of the irish setter club.
Thanks for the photo, Mirjam ;-)




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