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If we are looking att great photos and paintings of setters, how about looking at some not quite so great setters?
This is one of my favorites.
Created by Linstow in 1947 and an illustration in a childrens book about farm animals. Whoever Linstow was, he/she appears to have some problem with that left front leg...:-) Anyone else with some interesting "irish setters" hidden away?

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now, the question of chicken and an egg is long gone. The NEW question is "Is it a mini dog in a regular-size cup? OR is it a regular-size dog in a GIANT cup?"
I think that some judges would give this boy/girl a first (with the correct handler) You could see the critique
1st, (No name given.) Nice head, good tail carriage, good top-line held on the move, always in good coat, pleased to give 'IT' B.O.B. this is a reply to the Kit dog it was probably put together by a community.
Are you sure this is not a golden retreiver?
HAHAHA! oh, that is so great, I almost spilled my morning coffee on the computer :) The Champ looks like someone dislocated its lower jaw and he (she?) is about to take a poo :-))))
I am assuming it is from the collection "The everyday life of Ch's"?
Hey Jelena!!!!!!!
What are you doing! Laughing at my special Champion dog? In case you missed some of the information...he is a true irish import!

(OK I do admit he/she has got a small problem with the lower jaw...and yes he/she LOOKS like he/she is about to take a poo...but I assure you thats just hind angulation!)
well, I hear that the Irish are into "reality-type" shows.. so I am assuming this is the same concept? :)
Or could it be the handler? LOL
( I go hide now) :D
Hi Jelena
Definitely the handler if you are the correct handler you could take this 'very special Ch' into the ring and WIN every time, perhaps that is where I am going wrong. The lower jaw problem is just the hot weather and so is the poo look. You have to admit it is so ugly, it is beautiful........ well perhaps not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dee
Here's my candidate for Ugliest Dog - a decent-looking little lamp but the Setter....well, have a look! And I guess I'd better get the dust-rag out for that room!

Well, gee, guess I didn't upload them correctly - rather than the photos showing up right here, we have to click on the name of the attachment. The first one is the whole lamp; the second one is close-up of the dog. Sorry.

Very stern looking indeed. Makes you wonder if you dare to light it!

What dust Londa? :-)
People come in and write messages on my desk!!!!!! (I have just too much stuff on it to pick it all up and dust = well thats my excuse)




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