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Beautiful Irish Setter no longer looking for a new home!

Luxatori Heritage Da Vinci, WT. 16.01.06
(New Lineacre Union Jack X Sumaric Scarlet O'Hara)
sucht einen neuen Lebensplatz. Er ist ein sehr lieber, kinderfreundlicher Rüde, hat BGHA, Stammbaum, ist gechipt und tätowiert. Er hat alle Impfungen und einen EU-Pet-Pass.
The dog is looking for a new home, he loves children, has the first obedience test. His shots are all up to date, he is microchipped and has tattoo. First class pedigree!

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Handsome boy Silvie, I hope he finds a great home!
Thanks - breeder is a friend of mine and I am apperently the helping hand in all this. Need to pus ome wait on the boy, he is so skinny it is scary - tomorrow I will bathe and trim him and then there will be more pix - he got here today.
Harry is no longer looking for a new home - we decided we cannot let him go after he had been quite sick when he got to our home. Now he is fine, all he needs is a bath and a brush. See for yourself:

So you have decided to keep him after all. Good for him. Hope we see him at some shows in the future.
Yes, Alenka, he will be shown., but not before Wels because of my/Karina's Aaron. Don't you think it is worth it? His sire is Linacre Union Jack and his dam Sumaric Scarlet O'Hara. I believe the pedigree is just fine.
Congratulations Silvia!
There you go: now we are oficially cousins :)
(father of my Storm is New Linacre Union Jack also)
and your new dog is probably just a bit younger from Storm, i think i remember that litter was three months after my Lana`s litter. Looking forward to see some more pictures.
So, hello cousin!!! You do know, that some of my others have the original Storm in their pedigree - I am so sad I neversaw him, he must have been a fabulous dog and Tibor said Harry is very much like him. We will do pictures when he looks less ragged, I promise! And we will also show him. If his hips are okay I will use him as a stud dog on my Tiny.
Congratulations on your new family member and all the best for his future. I'm glad he's found a good new home with you! Looking forward to seeing more pictures too :-)




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