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Budapest Eurodog Show 3-5 October 2008... Who is coming?

We had a similar discussion earlier in connection with the World Dog Show in Stockholm. Just wondering now who from this site is coming to the Eurodog held in Budapest - may it be showing or only visiting or taking photos :-) ? And what about the clubshow?

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There will be more time to chat in Budapest than in Finland anyway. I am off to England next week with Pika. Keep your fingers crossed for us.
I heard the total show (European) has the record entry of about 15.000 dogs. Perhaps Laura can find out something more????
and Frances asked for my "fabulous" doggie-cakes but no idea is she comes???
Hi Laura,
we will be coming with Celt and Harry (Luxatori Heritage Da Vinci) and as far as I know Karmen will come with Margarets little girl. We will also come to the club show!
Our baby will be coming, too, but they will not let him in, he will stay in the truck with Mama Sashi!
I know that Eurodog has over 14000 entries but no idea about Setter numbers. I think they will be announced mid September.
Entry deadline for the club show is this weekend and Hungarians at least tend to enter in the last second... Me at least :-) So some time left for entering. Will let you know as soon as I know more.
HI Laura, Its good to hear, they have so many entries, Should I stop worried about ours entries? I sent them a month ago, by post,by fax and by mail :) and till today- no answer :(

Just in case I will get my camera and map of Budapest - and in best I pass into sightseer.
Kimmo and Pelle are coming both days , Camilla if you only come and watch you can show Kimmo for me.................. :-))
Luna and her uncle Neo going too.
Luna is entering for both shows in itermediate
and Neo in working class-also for both shows.
It would be nice to meet you there.
We can hardly wait :))
About 120 entries for the club show for all the setters, till now. Don't know for sure, just think that the enrties for the Euro Dog Show could be something similar. Not much :-(
That are really not much...
So, you HAVE TO COME, Carmen! I wanna see Meagan very much! :-)))))
Anyway, who else would be the BOB then? :o)
There is always Rufus!




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