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My handy-dandy Reminder Service sent me a note today that the referenced field trial is usually held around this time of year. Has it happened yet? Does anyone have a report on it? I'm particularly interested in a brace-by-brace description of the braces if such a thing is available!

Londa Warren, Edmond, OK

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Do you mean the Confined Stake for IRWS only? It's at the end of next week, on 14th September. Terry O'Leary, Marc Ruymbeke and I will all be there, and Christiane Lohmann is one of the judges
Great! You are hereby designated Official Exclusively Setters SCRIBE! Let us know what happens, to who, how, and why!!!!!

Hello Londa The IRWS Confined Stake was held on Sunday the 14Sept.It was judged by Timmy Fox an A judge from Ireland and Christiane Lohmann an A judge from Germany.Christiane will be reporting on the FT and she will comment on the dogs which ran in the FT.I won the FT with Deargban Bella whom was awarded first excellent.I will leave the rest of the report for Christiane to comment on.Terry
Congratulations, Terry! And thanks for the info - Ilook forward to reading the full report from Christiane.

Thank you Londa,the FT report by Christiane is now on the IRWS Group under FT results. Terry




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