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i have two beautiful girls now aged 9 months

I am a bit concerned about one of them - she comes back when called - the other acts like a real setter and ignores me until she feels like it.

Does anyone else have a setter that displays this unusual behaviour and should I be worried

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I think that the first one....(the one that comes back) will eventually 'turn true to type' and she will ''cock a deafun'' to your calls, so please don't worry, very soon you will have her going off in a different direction to the 'normal' Irish....and then both will be a 'True Irish Setter' for at least a few years...but beware they may well both show uncharacteristic type when they get old and actually want to be with you, in close proximity, on a walk...very worrying for the moment though....Ha ha!!!

Thank you for your quick reply, my mind is now at ease.


That is a very worrying problem!

I have a similar problem,my Ellie will also come back when called and will even walk to heel off the lead! She has always done this and no amount of coaxing has changed her.She is nearly eight so I have given up hope of ever changing her despite the example set to her by my boys!

Good Luck with your problem


Sounds like your problem is even worse....walking to heel....is that your heel or hers??? there is a difference you know...but if its yours....well there is no hope for you....just keep working on the boys...they have got is sussed...

this is all very sad, dee cheered me up with the hope that maia would eventually be a proper setter, but howard - eight years and still well behaved - doesnt sound as if there is much hope.


Thanks for replies

oh wow!! I'm so pleased...I have a "proper" setter! Harry has  never paid us the slightest heed since day one, we even went to a recall class and he failed spectacularly hahah!! the the other two always go off but come when called but not Harry, there is akways something MUCH more interesting to do than come back to us lol!!!
Christine, I am afraid Harry has Louis as grandfather..........you are doomed!!!!!!!
hahah!! that explains it then Eva!!

well my mia did not bother to come back to me on demand until she was three years of age. the longest time it took me to catch her was two hours. Now she is five and she is very obedient. She does get her setter ears on now and again and ignors me.


Tina, I love that expression "setter ears " lol!!

Oh poor Alan. I think setters should come with a health warning!



Hamilton nearly 7 years has just started to come back when he's ready but frequently teases us and then turns to go off in the opposite direction, Micawber 22 months 'perfect' back to a recall but does like to keep an eye out for Hamilton - so I guess he has split loyalties.Does this mean we can blame Louis sorry Eva only joking.  A health warning would definitley be appropriate and not just on recall 




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