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A "whipsett", a Gorpet?? A bl***y disaster?

I have been reading the outcross debate and some of the other stuff on here this week and I know there are some fine minds and caring people on ES! I am not a crusader, quite the opposite, but as a Setter owner and lover I have to highlight this!!

In the main we cross Seters by accident and when we see Lab x doodles and schmoozies and god knows what else we get annoyed but dont think much more.

Yesterday evening I came across an advert for puppies.

A "pet home" is advertsing Gordon x whippet for £300. There is a pic of a spindly orange puppy (cute at that age I suppose)

The Gordon community in UK is not large and I have subsequently discovered that the Gordon bitch has allegedly had a litter ever season and the "pet home" is not.

We quibble and bicker on here about all sorts of things but if we could do some good too?

Follow up on pups

Keep an eye on for sale ads on the net

Be nosy and report things that dont seem right

PLEASE dont condone these designer breeds anymore

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Hi Sue.

Yes, that is what you said and I obviously agree with you.

Well, you are not alone folks, it is a worldwide problem!  The most recent "rumble- in- the- jungle" I had was a telephone call from a young woman who wanted me to sell her an Irish Setter bitch with the sole intent of breeding it to a Golden Retriever! 'The x-puppies are so-o-o cute, I've seen them on an American website' she informed me.  I tried the diplomatic approach, to no avail, so finished the conversation on a VERY blunt note! Subsequently, I did the rounds of the local breeders in SA to warn them about her and to the best of my knowledge she was not able to purchase an Irish Setter . At least one less "designer litter" to worry about!

It is beyond my comprehension that, presumably intelligent, owners do not have their bitches injected if an accidential mating does take place.  My Veterinarian recommends ALIZINE - 2 injections 24 hours apart and has saved many unwanted x-bred pups being born with its use.   


Golden Retrievers have had Irish Setter bloodlines in them from the start. That's where some Golden's get their reddish/golden coats from.  

Come to think of it, Flat-coats have Setter in their history as well and some lines have Golden's in them from a accidental mating in the 1960's which is why in occasionally in flat-coat litters, a golden pup appears.

I know of dogs called red-retrievers in Canada and America, I looked the crossing of these two breeds up a couple of years ago after seeing a photo of one in a dog magazine.   There are sites dedicated to the red-retriever.

Torie, I am pleased to report that my Irish are pure red blooded ones from lines that stretch back nearly a century. There is NO possibility that I would, or encourage others, to deliberately produce a cross-bred litter at this time when Animal Welfare Kennels are bursting at the seams with large numbers of cross-breeds and mongrels looking for homes. 

This situation has always been with us,particularly in poorer SA communities, but has been exacerbated by the current economic situation.  I am pleased that there are people willing to home these dogs as their pets, but sadly, far too many are euthanased for a variety of reasons.

As far as pure bred Registered breeds are concerned, look at the falling registrations and income derived therefrom of the various Canine Governing Bodies around the world over the last couple of years - could be, it is Breeders of these dogs, who are the dying breed?


Hi Bridget.

Please don't forget that you also find pedigree dogs in rescue centres and many of them also get put down. Obviously pedigree dogs are also being bred far too often.

This dscussion has wandered around a bit which is often a sign that there is no answer. The balance has been good with andy defending his thoughts on Cassie and the breed. I think the most we can hope for is that the emphasis will somehow shift. Perhaps a celeb will come out strongly against designer dogs and we will be able to pick up the pieces

I know that celebrities more or less dictate the fashion trends but I think some people want small dogs nowadays as they are cheaper to feed, they can take them places big dogs can't go, they don't need much exercise and as most people live in built up areas and in small houses with even smaller gardens, it makes sense.

The high-flyers/high earners who don't want children to interfere with their professional lives can get themselves a little baby substitute who they can spoil and dress in the latest doggy designer fashions.

Many of these people live in apartments in the city and a cute little dog with a waggy tail is all they want at the end of a busy day, not a dog which is climbing the walls in anticipation of going for a gallop!

I think it is a case of 'horses for courses', 'each to their own', 'what will be will be', 'life is too short' and 'freedom of choice'.

There will always be people who love their pedigree chums and people who don't....that's life!

Hi Torie.

Very well put.


Both of my setters originated from the local pound. There are not only irresponsible breeders but also owners, who get a dog because it looks ‘lovely’ without taking into account that this individual will become a part of their family and will need looking after. Subsequently they find out that the ‘lovely looking’ dog really isn’t for them and often the dog gets abused for being characteristic of their breed. Whilst, Pedigree Dogs Exposed placed a lot of focus on the KC, breed clubs and breeders, the responsibility of owners was overlooked. In getting a dog one has to do homework, in educating oneself as to issues pertaining to the breed one is considering getting.

As for Cassie she’s a beautiful girl and I’m sure you don’t give a two pence whether she’s a mongrel, pedigree champion or Crufts best in show; obviously she’s a valued Benstead pack member..:-)

Hi John.

That is what I have been saying all along. Good and bad breeders of all types of dogs and good and bad owners of all types of dogs. As you may have read, I did my homework before we got Cassie. You are also right that she is a valued member of our family. All of our pets have a forever loving home for life.

Lots of stupid dog buyers look at a puppy and think it looks cute, as most of them do. After buying one and seeing it grow to the size of a horse, they find it difficult to cope with and get rid of it any way they can. I think anyone buying an animal should be checked out and warned of the dangers of buying the wrong type of dog for their home. I hate any animal cruelty and would happily shoot the people responsible for it.

fully agree

" I am pleased to report that my Irish are pure red blooded ones from lines that stretch back nearly a century. "

How can anybody   be  sure about that? I would be very surprised if what's behind my dogs on paper is 100% accurate all the way back for 100 years :))




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