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My Bailey just turned 1, and wondering about what age do setters go into heat?  I want to hold off as long as I can not sure which route am planning yet with her.

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They are all different! Some bitches come in heat between 6 and 12 months and others much later! Not sure what you mean when you say you want to hold off as long as you can???? Neutering?

Most of my girls were over 12 months when they had their first heat;o))

My eldest girl had her first season at 13 months and goes 9 months between, middle one had her first season at 18 months and goes 7 1/2 months between, mini pup is only 7 months so none yet. They are all different.

Being female as we are I am looking at a heads up keeping an eye out for the first time so when we are out I don't have any issues, such as going to the dog park or mall. 

Thank you

Yes they are all different I see good to know.

Thank you

Through conversations with breeders and professionals I understand females should have at least one cycle before neutering so she can get all the hormones she needs in life.

Thank you

Not my buisness but do you realy want to have her neutered ? There are previous discussions here which explain why I ask this question. "When to spay" page 6 in forum and more. Welcome to this site and your beautiful girl, wonderful photos <;0)

I have read so much information about pedigree setters.  I have considered keeping the idea open for mating, wanting to show her, or even continue training she likes courses to run jump and agility activities.  All these want her intact.  If I choose keeping her healthy and not breeding it is recommended neutering her.  I had a setter growing up.  My mom had a girl friend who had two setters, the daily routine was husband let out and wife let in, he let two out she let three in.  My mom said she take her we looked for her owner no one claimed her so she became ours.  She was never fixed and developed female cancer, she had a good life died at 15.  She was about 2 when we found her, so I think a good life.  With that story I want my little girl to stay healthy through her new life.  So all the information I can get on this so I can make the best choice for her is so welcome.  With that being said I am here to learn, make connections with others who love the breed as I do.  So all information I can get is all welcome, good and bad both sides of that coin gives  way to perfect decisions.


Thank you for the welcome wish




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