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Amazing Birth ~ Irish Setter Puppies - 6 Week Update Video link


Earlier I posted a link to the video of our Irish Setter Scarlet giving birth to her 8 puppies on October 9, 2011.  Here is that link http://youtu.be/eXyZaiBMDJc

Here is the update video link showing the puppies at 6 weeks old, they sure grow fast.


This was quite an experience for us!  We have never raised a litter of puppies before and it's a lot of work too, but very enjoyable getting know each puppy and their individual personalities. The worst part was when all of our puppies left for their new homes.  All went to former Irish Setter owners, most who have recently lost their elderly Irish Setter.  I miss all of the puppies and am thankful I took as many pictures as I did and have these video's to always remember each one.



Rose Muffett

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Hi Lynne,

Yes, 9 babies and all are doing very well.  I'm tired and not getting much sleep, but I don't mind.  Candy is a great mother.  Will try to touch base when I catch up with everything here at home. 

How are Andy and Shannon doing?  Chanel has really grown, she's real smart too.  She wants to be a retriever!  She loves playing catch and returning whatever I throw for.  She's a good girl.

Hi Sherry,

I am so glad that our son made those 2 video's.  They were for me, so I could always have their memories apparent and never forget even the little things.  The original DVD (not online) has many of those precious moments we shared.  Once they left us for their new homes, our home seemed too quiet.

I do have contact with all of our puppies owners and many pictures as well.  When I have time I plan to add them to the puppies own personal WebPages.  Those will remain on my website.

I have a new litter born on 1.11.2012 ... sweet little puppies, after this I will have one more, then my last litter 2+ years from now ... we'll see how I feel about that in 2 years.  I will try to attach pictures of our babies ... but, I am not sure if it will work or not.





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