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I'm glad to report that Carly is doing well with her food intake since last week, and is already filling out!  The esophagus acid regurgitation has been cut back by 90-95% due to Slippery Elm. Thank you all who offered feedback & support.  Now on to the next issue.

Acril Lick Granuloma - She has a rather raw one on her right front lower leg - We have tried covering it, Sudocrem, Aloe Vera gel, a course of antio-biotics and nothing has stopped it - She is now favoring her leg, and limping at times.  Any suggestions either Holistic in nature, or traditional medical - The girl is having a tough time lately!!

Thanks for any advice, suggestions, etc.


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Hi Tom...if you are looking for herbal remedies Arnica is great can use on wounds...bruises... muscle soreness and much more....and its easy on the pocket...as already said Manuka honey is also very good...

Hi Sue, clever little devils these Irish, aren't they!!!!




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