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At the vet`s...people, pets and stories. What are yours?

Dear friends,


When I took Vito for today`s evening walk I was thinking about asking you this...

First of all I have to mention that we are very lucky to have a vet very close (4km) and what`s the best thing: You can really reach her 24 hours, just in case. She`s been our vet for more than 30 years now and Vito loves her :-) Well, Vito loves people generally... Apart from the fact that it is never really a pleasure if you have to go to the doctor`s -for us it is always a little adventure and I have always lots of stories to tell when I come back home. Fortunately most people tell each other how much they love their pets of course and about the funny things their pets do but sometimes of course there are very sad stories to tell. I have to mention that you cannot make an appointment with the vet. You just drop in and wait, sometimes an hour or more. Most of the time I don`t mind that at all as with most of the people there you have a really nice conversation.

Vito usually lies there when we have to wait, very very relaxed. Maybe he sniffels around to check who was lying where he lies now :-) But all in all he`s very calm.


What are your experiences? Are your vets close or do you have to drive a long way? Are you going to clinics or hospitals with your dogs or just "normal" vets?

How do your setters behave when they have to wait? I am pretty sure they are all very well-behaved, aren`t they? :-)


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I go to school at our usual Vet hospital, so I guess we are "cheating" when it comes to vet visits.

Pitanga and Romã see their vets every day, and often have a lunch playtime with them. They are used as dog models in some classes - no, they are not poked around, they just have their tummies, heart and lungs listened to and checked, maybe even a quick peep at their ears by me and most of my colleagues.

Since they are our very best models, my teachers have assigned them a kennel, where they can wait safely while I'm in classes they don't attend. They get lots of love and cuddles from everyone (we are a small college, we have about 30 students every year, we all know each other) and sometimes even get extra walks with my close friends if they have some time between classes and I don't


I have to assist the vets at regular appointments and hospitalized animals for at least 4 weeks every year, but I usually do a lot more time, it's good practice for me!

Other then my already told adventures with Pitanga and Romã this last year nothing very special ever happend - just once a dog came in in a very bad shape and needed blood very badly. Pitanga was the proud donner and saved a life! She was very well behaved while donating her blood, and ate all her treats after.

Another time an Irish bitch came in with birth troubles. All pups died but one. Guess who cleaned the little guy and made him come back to us... =) 


I had used the same Veterinary clinic for years, that was until I lost my 'Aston' under incredibly stressful and sad circumstances last year.

I felt I could no longer trust my Vet's opinion and therefore have registered all my dogs with another practice in town. 

I'm not even confident with the Vet's in the new practice but they are the only other local option.

My dogs are all very calm and relaxed (unlike me!!) when they have to visit the Vet.


We have a vet about 2 miles away, so very convenient.  After he put our old lady to sleep in the November (2009) he sent a card about 2 months later saying a little birdy (Friend who also goes there!) had told him a pup was on the way and he was very excited for us.  When Saffy arrived we did several visits to this vets practice so she was soon used to him and his lovely nurses!  It turned out to be good that she was at ease with them all as she ended up having an op for a Pierced saliver gland when she was 10 months old!

She still goes there with no fear and is happy to see everyone!  Hope this lasts!!

Previously some years ago, one of our Setters had to have a claw removed after tearing it almost off and where before she didn't worry about going to vets, after that she wasn't very keen and got quite nervous!

My vet's is about a mile or so away,I have been going there with all my animals since 1975 so we are all  well known .The practice went through a bad few years after my favourite vet left and when it seemed to be run by locums, which wasn't very satisfactory,but it is all stable now.I have a great Irish vet whom I trust implicity.He listens to me and I listen to him.All the animals are well known to the staff and the dogs never mind going.They get so much fuss made of them that it is a pleasure.Our late Maggie was a blood donor there .Arthur went to puppy classes there and he thinks the vet's is a place to play!

We used to have a cat called Roger who was a rescued ferral cat,he was enormous .He weighed 12 k but he wasn't fat just a big cat.He developed a heart condition and had to have a daily pill.It was a nightmare to get him to take it.It had to be a two man job.We were going on holiday and my d-in-l looks after the cats but she was unable to give Roger his pills.My vet offered to have him for the week we were away.He lived with the nurses in their flat.They had him every time we went away and I was never charged ,not even for his food,that is good service.And Roger loved going there!

There are two new 'cheap' vets that have opened here and I am told they are very good but I am not changing.I am staying where I know the vets and staff and they know me and my animals.

My vet does too,maybe it is a trait of Irish vets?
I started with a new out of school vet with my first IS...went to him for years and years but finally his surgery got so big I would be seen by a rotating set of new Dr's....felt frustrated as I never felt any constancy in knowing my vet....tried the one closest to our home (we had moved since that first IS) and he was fine but then something wonderful happened!  MY new vet is someone I have known since she was born! and I babysat her and she is within 2 miles of our home.  As a teenager she would "pupsit " for us if we were out of town.  I know she will always do what is best for my Molly...as she did for us with our old gentlemen.  Just feel so lucky that when she finally decided to set up her own practice that it is right out here by us.  Molly loves the staff there....and we try to attend the special events Dr. Linda throws to raise money for special surgeries for stray and homeless animals!  Molly knows she will be fussed over at the vets...get a bone which she then proceeds to hide in a corner behind the door there which just makes everyone laugh at her.  They do make sure she is sent home with her bone for later but she is the only IS they see ...lots of Goldens .  Helps as Dr Linda has known so many of my IS that she is used to the breed and their quirks....but not the hiding one she says!  :)  I value being able to bounce ideas  and talk to my vet....and also knowing she is a fellow dog owner helps as she is aware of issues that might be in our area as regards my Molly. 

We have a vet at hand at the top of the hill! so not to bad, if you dont have to walk that is!


Ruby loves the vets and everyone that works there, cant wait to get in and say hello! Once she knows where shes going i get dragged in behind!


kate n ruby

Our vet right now is a large corporate owned chain attached to large pet stores.  It is my wellcare place.  If I had a very sick dog I go off to the specialists clinics.  The vet techs at our place love my dog and are very caring.  He gets cuddles and kisses and enjoys all the attention he is given.  We were there two days ago for a heartworm test and they took him in the back room so the other attendants could visit with him since he seems to steal their hearts each time he is there.  I like that they know my dog and I on a first name basis and know our voice on the phone before we say who is calling.  And I appreciated when Dublin was diagnose with epiliepsy that the vet said " I am not experienced enough with this" and referred me to the neurologists for better treatment options.  I like the honesty of that.  But for day to day routine care, I am happy with who we are using.  They allow me to also refuse certain vaccines that they recommend and don't put me down for the choices I make for my dog.
My vet is 75km from me & I drive past 3 other surgeries to get to her surgery.  She will respond after hours day or night & is absolutely superb!!

I live one mile from my vet – who is very good indeed. BUT, sadly along with all the other veterinary practices in my “large” town, they made a joint decision not to offer an out of hours and emergency service – instead in an emergency pet owners have to drive to  22 miles/30 minutes, paying in the region of treble the normal fees to a animal clinic. Local vets fees would probably only be double for out of hours service.  


Not a very good situation to be if it’s a dire emergency with those extra minutes and drive for an already very worried owner and poorly pet is not ideal. Goodness knows how the elderly and people who don't drive cope in an emergency.

I have been going to my vet for over 20 years, close to 25 years. The kennels we take Molly to and our previous IS are very far away about 2 hours drive from home. They operate a service where they pickup from the vets and transport to the kennels. Our last IS would go straight out the back to where she had to wait without any prompting. When she was required to attend the vet clinic she became confused because she had to sit in the waiting room for her consultation visit. Never a problem at the vets for her but unfortunately when she was put to sleep it was at this vet. I think she was so sick it didn't matter. They took her straight out the back and placed her in her cage to wait for us. Very sad.

Molly our current IS is much the same but she has more time there as when we first got her she attended doggie day care at this vet while I was at work. The girls just love her to bits. Spoilt her to bits. She sits in the head nurse's office while she works sometimes. I must say no experience has been unpleasant for us or the animals. We also have 2 cats and they are fine also. The vets is about a 5 minute drive and they run to appointments. Over hours is quite a distance away about 40 minutes drive and not as nice.




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