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It is a lovely afternoon here and I was enjoying a walk with my dogs.I saw a very large Doberman come into the park so I had just got Arthur on his lead ,when the owner of the Doberman said 'my dog is not aggressive' he will play with yours,so I left Fred off his lead ,Ellie had already gone to hide as she does with strange dogs.The next thing I know the Doberman runs at Fred gets hold of him round the throat and the top of his head and starts to shake Fred.Although Fred is big this dog was bigger,he didn't have a chance.The Doberman wouldn't let go and the owner was hitting him with his dog chain.I had hold of Fred by his tail but was frightened to pull him as I thought the bite might tear but I knew when the Doberman let go Fred would retaliate.Luckily, another dog walker came to help and took Arthur out of the way.Eventually Fred was let go and I got him straight on his lead.He has a puncture to his ear but,thanks to his thick fur,his neck seems to be ok.It is quite a minor injury but he shouldn't have been injured at all.My adrenaline level peaked! The dog left the park with,I must admit, a very apologetic owner, and Fred and my other two seemed quite happy to play.

I am trying to find somewhere better to walk my dogs.

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I like the water idea Val.  I usually have it with me anyway.  I also now carry in my pocket that spray that can help also.  I have never used it since knowing me I would spray my own dog and myself before I got the other dog!  But I feel better having it.  My friend walks her dog with a pocket knive.  I know it sounds harsh, but she said she was been charged at too many times and will kill a dog that wishes to harm her dog.  If your walking in a neighborhood on lead and a stray dog attacks, I say it's do what you have to do to stay safe.

I had to use spray yesterday to calm down  a german shepherd and a pittbul.Their owners were absolutely confused.I think the spray is the best  if the fight seems to be dangerous or even better is to use the spray immediately up to   7 m distance and unfriendly dog doesn´t have to approach the place where you are.Be careful with using the spray, I had problems with skin and breathing all night inspite I´d washed my face, hair and all my body very carefuly.

They say we can use any kind of perfume spray if necessary.

What is in the air lately!  Howard what a scare and I am so glad your dog is okay.  I worry about the emotional impact that has on my dog.  I do not want anyone or thing to upset his happy go lucky nature.  And it can only take one time for that to happen.  Fear sets in and they aren't the same around other dogs.  We had to attacks in the park this past few days here.

No blood or injuries due to great owners who react quickly.  But the humans were in a fist fight over it which was worse!

One man was kicking another man's dog to get it off his.  I admit I will kick or do whatever I would have to do to get my dog out of harms way.  My dog has this amazing ability to just know when another dog is dangerous to him.  It rarely has happened but the other day this dog was at least a block away and yet Cash started backing up and went behind me with his hair raised.  I knew trouble was nearing us.  I took him on lead into a safe area and sure enough as I was getting out, that dog charged us and slammed into Cash.  No biting involved thank goodness.  But I was terrified. 

That is just horrible ... thank goodness it ended as it did, or I guess I mean thank goodness it wasn't any worse.  I sincerely hope the other owner takes very serious the new information he has about his dog.  I am giving him the benefit of the doubt that he never saw his dog behave in such a way before ...  I have known many a Dobie and they are generally very sweet.  BUT, owners of such dogs (I won't list the usual suspects here) really have to know that the reputation of their dogs EXISTS FOR A REASON.  Should such dogs never be allowed off leash?  Well, I can't quite bring myself to go that far, but ...


Anyway, I am so sorry you and Fred had just an awful experience.  These gentle setters must just look like "lunch" to more aggressive breeds.

Yes Gigi I think IS give off an air of submission or softness to other dogs.  That is another one of the charms of our breed.  That gentleness is written all over them. 

More and more I believe people should need to do some kind of "test" before having a dog, specially breeds that are known to be harder to keep under control when it comes to agressive behaviour... If only people that were "trained" to have this more "complicated" dogs had them, this kind of situations would happen a lot less.

Fortunately I only had one situation that I can compare to this one with a giant schnauzzer. I had my girls on a leash (we were in the middle of the city, near a hospital, obviously they had their leash on!) and this dog came out of nowhere and tried to attack my girls. I found out I'm a great kicker that day. After a few seconds the owner came at me yelling about me kicking his dog and calling me all sort of names because dogs are not supposed to be leashed and that it was my fault because the dogs couldn't run etc... 

Fortunately a cop was passing by and decided solve the problem. The first thing he asked me was if I wanted to press charge against the man and the dog, witch I didn't because I did not want to see another dog go to the overcrowded pound, but made the man promise that he would get his dog on a leash from then on, or I WOULD press charge then. I'm glad to tell you that I've seen the dog on a leash ever since.

I am sorry to have to post under this heading again.

I was walking my three back from their midday walk and their run in the park along a busy main road in Kettering.I had met a lady who was waiting to cross the road with a little girl who is frightened of dogs but who is gradually coming round to my three and getting more confident with them.There were other mums about with young children collected from a nearby playgroup.Suddenly and without any warning ,not even a bark or growl my three were set upon by a bull terrier, that looked like a pit bull to me , and a Jack Russell.I didn't see them and had no idea where they appeared from.The JR didn't do anything but the BT attacked Arthur and I had to kick him to get him off,he then went for Fred and I had to kick him again.he was about to attack Ellie when I kicked again.I hated kicking him but there was nothing else I could have done,the dogs were on their leads and I couln't let them go with the heavy traffic.I could not see anyone that might have been with the dogs then a high gate opened on the other side of the road and a woman came out and called them.They ran straight in front of cars and a bus but got to the other side safely.She never asked me if I was all right or my dogs and just shut the gates.The mums with the kids were very kind to me and I was shocked.The one with the little girl was very kind but the girl was terrified , not surprisingly really.I checked the dogs and they were ok but distressed.

I was so upset and angry that I thanked the ladies and got back home.Tomorrow I am going to call at at he house,(without my dogs!) and complain about what happened.

Make sure that you make an official complaint about this to the Police and stress to them the fact that there were children present. I am sorry to hear that this has happened but pleased that your dogs were physically unharmed.


Thanks Sue and Michelle,

I have now made a complaint.I will not visit the owner now but leave the Community Officer to deal with the matter.

It was lucky that no one was attacked .It could so easily have been a different story.

Howard I am happy you and the dogs are unharmed...and think you did the best thing by letting the law handle this owner....she should have been across that street as soon as she corraled her dogs to be sure you and your dogs and those little ones were all unharmed!  I hope this does not cause the one little girl to become more afraid of dogs...perhaps talking to her about dogs with their owners and asking permission to pet the dog might help?  I always insisted my girls ask permission before approaching another dog or cat when they were growing up.  They had no fear of dogs as they always had an Irish in their life so they needed to learn not all dogs were like their lads at home.  Little ones fear's just seem to intensify when they see something like what happened with those two dogs...that is why I hope her Mom is talking to her about how different dogs can be just like all humans can be different.

  I had a similar situation here last week...Basset Hound escaped and came running up behind Molly ...suprised me also as this big mouth did not bay until he was up almost under Molly's hind legs....could not separate them as everytime Molly moved to retreat from the dog he followed baying in full voice....think it was the baying in her ears that really scared my Molly....finally let go of leash and at same time I stomped my foot for dog to get !  stopped it long enough for me to grab the leash and start off down the walk.  Owner trying to capture the dog and feeling terrible about the whole deal....on to the next night...it has been my end of walk since 78 so not changing it because of this dog...out the Basset came again but difference is this time Molly was looking for him....and ready to greet him if need be ..her tail was giving those unsure half wags and he was baying as he ran to her....she backed up and then he started to wag and bay so she sniffed noses with him all the while with that half wag going...then both of them decided they should be friends...problem now is that Basset now thinks he should follow us on our walk baying as we go! So no more relaxing walk and now all other dogs/owners know Molly and her entourage are approaching!  Wondering if I talked to owner and leashed the silly Basset if it would walk without baying?

I have had an email from the Police,they are passing details to the Dog Warden .I will keep you informed.

I'm so sorry this has happened again Howard, as you know, I am only too aware of the problems these attacks can cause, and why on earth should our dogs be victims?

I don't hesitate in contacting the police when it happens to us, so far I've reported 3 dogs and all 3 now have to remain on a lead when out in public, it's the only way to go if the owners won't be responsible enough.

I hope you and the fur babies are not too upset by it.

Henry sends big hugs to you all.




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