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So, I tried to collect all the defenitions and placed them toghether! The idea is for everyone to choose their own top ten, and then we'll select the ten more voted options at the end of the week! We've made quite a long list!


Being a Setter is...


  1. ...Running like the wind
  2. ...Sleeping with your belly up
  3. ...Mastering the art of owner training
  4. ...Putting on a mud coat and look even better
  5. ...Making your owner take off the mud coat... With a smile
  6. ...Being predictably unpredictable
  7. ...Knowing how to push sadness away
  8. ...Making a crowd laugh
  9. ...Melting hearts with a single look

10.  ...Being the best kept secret in the canine world!

11.  ...Wagging even more at a loved one's voice

12.  ...Smiling at your own tomfoolery

13.  ...Diverting anger with silliness

14.  ...Sitting with your rump on the chair

15.  ...Taking up all the bed

16.  ...Leaning!!

17.  ... eating cat/horse poo and looking up to you while chewing it with that "i didn't eat this mum" look

18.  ... pawing !!

19.  ... swimming like a seal, even with head under water

20.  ......talking

21.  ...Blowing bubbles under water

22.  ...Taking a mouthful of water and dribbling it......all over the humans!

23.  ...Being dignified when under attack by other dogs

24.  ... chasing whippets/greyhounds and wondering afterwards why they never catch them

25.  ... Behaving on the sofa that I sometimes wonder if we got a canine looking cat.

26.  ... Making friends with non-doggie people, where I thought no such thing is possible.

27.  ... Being mischievous with such charme, that it is not possible to get upset.

28.  ... Not obeying every command with that look that says: 'I can think for myself, thanks!'

29.  ... Smiling

30.  ... Giving out - an Irish expression for the talking and very apt especially at meal times.

31.  ... Yawning when being told off - the equivalent of 'whatever'.

32.  ...having a stuffed animal in his mouth at all times.

33.  ..using their sixth sense to know when you are sad, and giving you that special cuddle to make you feel so loved and happy

34.  ...eating cat poo out of the litter tray - urgh!

35.  ...having Tigger style legs for bouncing 

36.  ...making everyone turn and look and say 'wow, look at that dog'

37.  ... Getting their top lick stuck

38.  ...blanket sucking

39.  ...thieving

40.  ...resting head on table to join in with conversation

41.  ...summoning you to bed because they need to use you as a pillow!

42.  ...crossing their front paws while lying and leaning back and watching the goofy world go by!


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I just counted our votes. So far we have a solid top nine, but we have a tie for number ten, so I'd like your opinion about wich of them should make number ten!

14....Sitting with your rump on the chair

18.... pawing !!

32....having a stuffed animal in his mouth at all times.

38....blanket sucking.


Number 18  for me

18 for me too =) 

(I forgot to vote) 


18 :)
18 for me
No's 2, 3, 7, 22, 25, 27,28,33,34,36   My 10 in not particular order!
Definitely 18!
14 (rump on chair or better yet in someone's lap)

That is the one thing that someone who has not been around an Irish Setter before is so amused by...and the first time one of mine sits on their lap they are startled to say the least.  I guess after all these years I just expect them to sit that way ....wether on our laps or on the sofa to socialize with us!  I will admit four would be pushing it a wee bit!  but look at all that love you get.

After counting our votes, here is the Top Ten!

Being a Setter is ...

  1. ...Sleeping with your belly up
  2. ...Running like the wind
  3. ...Taking a mouthful of water and dribbling it...all over the humans!
  4. ...Resting your head on the table to join in with conversation
  5. ...Melting hearts with a single look
  6. ...Leaning!!
  7. ... Being mischievous with such charm, that it is not possible to get upset.
  8. ...Making everyone turn and look and say 'wow, look at that dog'
  9. ...Making a crowd laugh
  10. ...Pawing


If anyone has nice photos of your dogs doing any of these things, I'm going to try and make a "photo video" on this subject! I'd love to have some of your pictures in it, if you'd like to share them! =)




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