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Best tools for grooming castrated coat conditions!

I wonder if someone could please tell me what the best tools are in terms of combs /brushes etc for general grooming on my 6 month post castrated Reuben. I do comb him regularly but need to invest in another tool I think.

Thank you

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Hi Leslie and Seamus!

Hi Cousin Lesley... it is really hard to type Lesley with your spelling, my fingers jump to the wrong keys ;-) I'm sure you have the same problem with mine!

I had the same thing happen to me a copule of years ago.  My regular groomer had been ill so I sent Benson to someone else as he badly needed a haircut.  It wasn't until he lead down on his back that I noticed that they had cut his feathers around his back legs, with a straight pair of scissors.  He looked as if he'd been scalped but the ironic thing was they hadn't touched his tail so it did look very odd!  It took 6 months before it was back to normal.

I think I'll try a Mars tool and the pumice trick sounds good.



Great discussion, worth trying the mars Lesley most seem happy with it. It would be wonderful Rhonda if the ISCV ran another grooming demonstration I'd book front seat :)) I'm enjoying grooming the redkids and have learnt so much from ES in such a short time of been here. What's been great is I never thought I could have Flame looking lovely due to been neutered but have learnt although he'll never have a show coat, it is possible for him to look lovely and the effort I put in is so worth it :)) . Your right to Rhonda I have the help of Ruby and Poppys breeder and that makes a world of a difference with all the tricks of the trade.....only thing is, I'm madly grooming so they look nice to visit :)

Just to say thank you everyone for the info and i am currently digesting it all


Hi Leslie, yes the pumice on those light fluffy bits on the outside of the legs and on the top of Seamus head you can use the stripping blade. I'm still perfecting these tools so if anyone has other advice especially if I'm off track I'd love to know. I also will check the numbers on the mars rake for you Leslie and get back to you with them. Hopefully Louise you have gained some help. :))


30 double, 10 blade for feathering

This is off the mars site. I only have the 30 double. Has any one tried the 10 for the feathering?

Double Width - Professional Line Coat King #30 Blade This is the double 30.


Is it a regular pumice stone like you would use on callouses on your feet or something special? Do you just run it over the hair in the direction it grows?


Edited to add... hmmm. this seemed to jump from where I replied to it to after your pumice related reply to here... oh well, now that I'm here, So the 30 is for the body and the 10 for the feathers? And you use them to break up the knots or mats that occur rather than pulling out undercoat?

Thanks again for your advice!


Hi Rhonda, thank you for adding about the number of the mars coat king. If Lesley waited for me she would need more than a grooming tool for her setter :)) lol. I have the 10 and actually found that quite good on the feathering but I've only really used it on flame and he's older. Maybe someone else might be of more help. :)

I have ordered one from Clipper World, so we will be able to compare notes.

No 10 has arrived 2 days after ordering, love online Clipper World and used it tonight on Kerry. Works through the coat very easily and now have a mound of pale dry dead hair. Kerry, who loves to be groomed is prancing around showing off his swishy new feathers. Worth the money.

Looks like Clipper world is in Australia. Does anyone have a good US source? I'm going to try PetEdge.com, although they vanished from their online, they have them in their catalog along with their own look alike version.





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