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Hi All,

I am new to this site, having recently purchased my 5 month old puppy, Gannon, about a month ago. I am about to embark on the task of training my pup (I am registered for a class) and I was wondering if there are tried and true methods for training that work best for the breed? How many repetitions does the setter need before they "get" what you are asking? And if you don't mind, what have been the most common training issues you have had with the breed? Anything I should be prepared for? I really appreciate any information you can provide! I want to make sure he becomes a confident and well-adjusted dog. Thank you!




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Bryan our Molly greets people we meet with a raised paw for them to shake if they care to....somewhat a self defense measure  here as all my Irish have been rather pawsy with their paws so I teach them something acceptable to do with them!  She also high fives ....and anytime she thinks she is being ignored she offers up a paw as if to say..."Hey...did you forget I am the center of everyone's world?" She also shakes and highfives left or right and can do it by a hand signal.......this is the Irish that loves to go thru her show off routine when Alan is trying to watch tv...and naturally the stage is right in front of that tv screen!  So now you know my motive behind the shaking paws! :)   oops! forgot to welcome you to ES.....fun to find somewhere where people know what Irish Setters are like and what they do and how wonderful they are to be owned by.




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