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my 4 year old bitch, Brits, suddenly developed a huge lump on the front, left-hand side of her neck this week.
It is a very soft, malleable mass which does not cause her any discomfort; at first I thought it might be a wasp or bee sting so gave her anti-histamines which had no effect (& there is no puncture wound).

Today the vet thinks that it is a blocked salivary gland or a Mucocele; Brits has been put on a course of anti-biotics & anti-inflammatories to which hopefully her condition will respond.

However my vet has said that occassionally such a thing may need surgery which she would not be able to do as neck surgery is a very specialist area because of all the major structures running through the neck.

I just wondered if anyone else has had a Setter with this problem, and if so whether it was managed conservatively without need for surgery?

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It wouldn't be an abscess on her salivary gland by any chance. I have had this a few times over the years, never with any temperature, which is what you would expect with an abscess. Has your vet ruled that out?
No she never even mentioned that as a possibility Eva....
Give it a go Lynne, it might, hopefully, be as simmple as that. It takes a little longer to drain because of the saliva but if it is that it will heal perfectly. Good luck, will keep my fingers crossed for you.
Hi Lynn
fingers crossed for Brits. Try to bear in mind that the vet will always go for worst case scenario. they seem to think they shoud prepare you for a disaster (maybe so that the big bill for the lesser condition still seems reasonable)

she is a healthy girl and we will all root for her!
Thank you Eva & Ossian..........I just hope it will turn out OK as feeding these puppies she lost loads of weight & I am only just getting her back to having some bodyweight on her & she is the sweetest of girls.....just hope this is a minor trouble for the poor girl........worst thing about having dogs, it breaks your heart when they are ill! :(((
I forgot she was your girl who had the puppies. Could well be that she is just seriously run down! fingers crossed
That is also a consideration......absolutely fingers crossed!!




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