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Reading the Irish Setter breed standard which states:


On head, front of legs and tips of ears, short and fine; on all other parts of body and legs of moderate length, flat and as free as possible from curl or wave. Feathers on upper portion of ears long and silky; on back of fore- and hindlegs long and fine. Fair amount of hair on belly, forming a nice fringe which may extend on to chest and throat. Feet well feathered between toes. Tail to have fringe of moderately long hair decreasing in length as it approaches point. All feathering to be as straight and flat as possible".


it seems that a large proportion of the IS's have very wavy if not curly coats; not that I have anything against that but we seem to be getting away from the breed standard?  I understand that coat is only a small part of the important make up of these beautiful dogs and conformation is more important.

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l so agree Finn


Read my reply again please.

I did not say that you had said anything whatsoever!!

It is very rude of you to come back at me with such venom when you are clearly mistaken!



Nobody could have a normal debate with you.....

Your field of expertise is sarcasim.

You hardly let anyone in any discussion view their opinions before you shoot them down in flames!

You see yourself as someone far more important than you are and you don't like it when anyone apart from yourself rocks the boat!

Oh!.... and by the way! ........I find myself in a great position to comment....


I do believe you are looking at yourself in the mirror Val and once again you are reducing the tone of the debate.   If you find yourself in a great position to comment and tell me what I should be doing then I would respectfully suggest that it is you, not I, who see yourself as someone more important than you really are.  

Oh and by the way you have spelt 'sarcasm' wrong.

Thought I would provide you with a spelling mistake just to give you another reason to be sarcastic!!
Tell me where and l will have a look

Hi   Eva

Shall l put a picture of my boy up.         as you know l owned Wendover Showman    and he is behind your Louis     who is smooth haired in comparison to him,,,,,

Please do, June - I'm waiting to see a "curly" Irish Setter (sitting looking at my bitch with a "wavy" coat LOL!)
Yes June, please do.  I would love to see photos of this handsome boy again. You might like to add his breeding for those who are interested.

Will have to get somebody to scan picture (dont know how to)    and he is not in show pose;


Sire   Sh Ch  Wendover  Racketeer

Dam  Wendover Lupina


living at the time on Brighton Seafront he was a daily swimmer  and was never dried after,    just imagine.. the afternoons were spent at the stables.(we had hunter/chasers)   and boy did he roll     but he was a great dog  to own. 

There is a picture of him with friends on My Page 4   showing the length of feathering on chest (the same elsewhere) taken in 1982

This is the photo that June is referring to.  I have cropped Wendover Showman out of the pic for this discussion.  Hope that's OK June.




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