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Can anyone help with the impossible task of finding an IRWS bitch pup?

Hi All,


As I mentioned at the beginning of the year, I'm looking for an IRWS pup.


The task sems to be almost impossible, especially since I'd prefer a bitch.  I have made contact with a couple of breeders but they just have dogs left, which I haven't ruled out but want to exhaust all avenues.


Any help appreciated :)

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Hi Emma,  Have you looked on the Irish setters Uk & Ireland website and also Champdogs?

Hi Emma, there are 3 litters advertised on the Uk and Ireland Irish Setter Wesite and there is also a litter diue with bookings being taken. Goodluck. XX

I have some very nice dog puppies, now six weeks old, photos on DALRIACH IRISH RED AND WHITE SETTERS Facebook page.

 Sire is Ir Ch and Sh Ch Dalriach Infamous Grouse (Ir Sh Ch Dalriach Auchindoun x Ir Ch and Sh Ch Dalriach Bruar)

Dam is Ir Sh Ch Dalriach Dalriach Non Pareil.( Ir Ch and Sh Ch , Int Sh Ch Dalriach Garryowen x  Ital and Int FTCh, Ir Sh Ch  Pepperstown Polly)

Parents have all health checks done, hip scored, current eye certs, CLAD and VWD clear.

Sorry the bitches are all spoken for

Emma, I know of a Corranroo litter born recently ... Dam is Sh Ch Corranroo Continental, sorry I don't know the sire.

The Gilligrae litter was born last Sunday (Aug 20th) with 5 dogs and 4 bitches.  Sire is Kikerrin Swift for Gilligrae (Ballinrush Blanco's Fella x Granaghburn Phacelia) Dam is Casfelice Balwen (Corranroo Corsair x Casafelice Charollais) e-mail gillianhart199@btinternet.com  - you could be lucky!

Thanks all!


I'm in contact with Graham about the Corranroo litter, no bitches though and I've spoken to Gill and she's in the same boat!


I'll check out the setter website, thanks Joanne.


Thanks for letting my know Margaret, I'll check out your website now. Is there a good time to call?

Try phoning in the evening after about 7 pm (once the midges start we are indoors), Tel 01466 702278

I am likely to  be driving down the AI through Durham sometime in September , as I have to go down to N.Yorkshire to pick up Neige after the end of the FT season, could bring down any puppies going south at the same time

Will do Margaret! Just had a peek and they're absolutely gorgeous :)

Gail Lamb has a litter due towards the end of September,

website: http://www.casafelicesetters.com

email: gaillamb87@yahoo.co.uk


If you really want a bitch then I advise you contact people as early as possible :) Good luck in your search for a little IRWS girlie

Ooooh! Sounds promising, I'll send her an email now!
It's not for the want of trying!

Hi Emma,

I have a nine week old Red & White Setter bitch.  My bitch whelped on 19th June 7 bitches & 3 dogs.  I kept 2 bitches back to decide on the one I prefered. I have now made up my mind so 2nd pick is definitely available if you are interested.  She is from health checked parents with good hip scores.  They were born & raised in house.  I have owned R&W since 1993 & I am an Accredited Breeder.  These   pups have had the very best of everyting & are extremely good doers.  If you are interested I could send you pictures.  My landline no. is 01827830652 or email: eoc@talktalk.net.  I also breed & show Irish Setters & give CCs in both breeds. I look forward to hearing from you.



Now there's a good offer Emma, Gaye's litter formed a lovely pedigree for IRWs, if I didn't already have 6 dogs I'd be chewing off my left arm to have that bitch puppy!! :)




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