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An interesting book on Canine Massage; A complete reference manual by Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt, L.M.T. Just added it to our library. Has any one else used this book? Any others recommendations for dog massage?

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Information on 'The Tellington Touch' is worth looking into Rhonda.

This is a course.  My dogs have had Galen, and loved it


I bought a book on the subject a few years ago but heaven knows where it has gone.  I probably lent it to someone.

I bought it when one of my dogs was dying from cancer and she really enjoyed her daily massage.

Thanks Torie, Fran and Michelle for the info. We used to get the boys looked after by George Scoefield once a month but he only does small dogs now. We do have 2 other people to go to but thought it would be worthwhile learning more ourselves. So far the boys seem to enjoy my practising on them. It actually is very relaxing for me too.

Hi Rhona, I've got Natalie Lenton's DVD - very easy to follow general canine massage: http://www.k9-massage.co.uk/main/dvd.asp. You can watch the DVD and massage your dog at the same time. Can recommend it.

Thanks Nicole, I have had a look. I have a video that is a little old where the dog being massaged is an Irish Setter. It is on loan from my college library. It chops and changes a little and seems to be more of an introduction.  Yours sounds much better in that it is a full practical sessions. Will have to work out conversion etc to make sure it is compatible with the system I have here. I hope it works out.

J'ai suivi une semaine de formation de masseur canin à Paris au centre de formation Chien-Zen. La formatrice est Pauline ARNT qui a suivi les différentes formations de la « Pet massage School » de Jonathan Rudinger, précurseur du massage canin aux États-Unis. Maintenant il me reste la lourde tâche d'écrire un mémoire, de le faire valider avant d'avoir le titre de masseur canin certifié.

Sorry for the translation :

I followed a week of training as a canine masseur in Paris training center Chien-Zen. The trainer is Pauline ARNT that followed the various formations of the "Pet Massage School" by Jonathan Rudinger, precursor of canine massage in the United States. Now I still have the daunting task of writing a dissertation, it validated before being certified as a canine massage therapist.

The rule..... according to Romeo, is that you start at the head and finish at the butt.....he loves it!  Thats my recommendation anyway!

It seems a very involved journey Monique. A dissertation is a great way to ensure all the thoughts and processes come together at the end of a process. Daunting but worthwhile. Excitng times ahead with your new career.

Good advice James, glad that we are both having a try and our dogs are enjoying what we are doing. Smiles all around.

Reiki is also very good for Dogs all animals in fact.....My friend is a animal healer and the results are amazing....I am a Therapist for Reiki and Indian Head massage but only qualified to treat people...I do give my dogs a chill out session and they love it....




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