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hi Gang,
Memphis is a great dog very little problems but one major one.
He has conditioned himself that my husbands car makes him sick. When we brought him home he was sick then the next trip unfortunately longer he must have thrown up a dozen times projectile hit the front of the car. I was so worried we called into the vet didn't know a little pup had so much fluid in him.
I started to just sit in the car over three weeks with him fed him in the car drove down the drive and back then a little up the road and back he had a walk then back in the car then out again another walk still no good had to lift him in where instantly the drooling started. We have the window down enough for the air pressure tried back, front and crate still terrified. popped another dog in still scared.
We had him on Kwell for sickness and then special anti-sick tabs. From the vet. So not sick anymore in the car. We then tried not putting him in for three months tried again and he just threw himself down and cried, I can't force him just to cruel.
On to my old car we go miles rattling around he loves it as any other car so unless you brainy lot have any other ideas we are thinking changing the car is the only answer. In my car never had travel tablets he stands laughing looking out the window. my car is great for walks etc but not long distance holidays by the time we got there be time to come home.
Cheers Rosie

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Had same problem only in my volvo anybody else car ok she was sick as a puppy in mine but she is fine at night in the darkis it possibly a motion problem or do you think they remember she is nine now and it still happens the only thing that works are sea legs

Kerry had car sickness as a pup, so we took him on many a 2 minute drive to the off leash park. Then increased the distance to the off leash park. It worked a treat with the help of some ginger tablets. He loves cars unless someone mentions the word Vet. 




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