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My puppy is terrified of car rides. Even of car itself. (My car is very nice looking). Is anyone else have a same problem?

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Amber is very scared to ride in a car. She gets sick there. We are ending up driving with her on our lap. And I don’t like it. I want her to ride in a crate. We brought crate home (small one that she arrived from Pam) and she is not afraid of it. Even when I have Amber on a leash and trying to take shopping from a car – I need to drag her close to it. When she near a car she start to shake. We hold her, kiss her, hug her and talk baby talk to her. She might use to it. Is anyone having any success with car ride?
Inna, I agree with every one else. Make sure car is off, or warm it up but turn it off before you approach the car with her. Take her every where but start with short rides. Around the block, give her treat when she gets in and when she gets home. Might have a day when you just get in a drive around on and off all day long. Reilly comes to work with me every day and so does not mind the car ride at all. Be patient, lots of love, lots of short rides until she stops being so afraid. Ilene
Hi Inna
Do you have the car running when you bring her to it? sometimes the engine noise can scare her. Or the fumes from the engine. Give her her favorite treat as you are bringing her to the car - carry her the first few times if you must - you don't want to be dragging her.
Make the car the BEST place to be :)
Give her a GOOD bone for in her crate - she needs to be distracted from what is going on :)

I take Kibby EVERYWHERE no better way to get him used to traveling. As all my dogs have to travel with me.

Our first show setter got sick - hurling - the first 6 or so times in the car - they will get over it :) Have towels along just in case ;)

Hope these suggestions help. Kim
I don’t drag her when we going to ride. I meant only to get my couple shopping bags out, she wouldn’t even come close to the car with me.
Before we plan to go with her I always start a car to make it warm and comfortable for her. Always take extra time just for her to heat it up. So, yes, car is running, and I am always caring her in. She still shaking and ignoring all treats I give to her. Last time I try to put her in a crate – she just keep jumping out. I can’t be fast enough to close a crate door.
Try turning the engine off Inna and see if that helps. And I know it sounds mean - but put her far enough in the back of the crate so that you can get the door closed. Just like in the house - it is getting them used to it :) Sometimes you have to force them back in - but eventually she will like it. She may fuss and scream at first but that is all normal. Kibby did for 20-30 minutes the other night and we have no idea why - but he got over it
Remember she is very smart - but you are the boss ;)
Hi Inna,

It is all about time and experience. Kim is right - you are the boss. All dogs have a tendency to get carsick - some are worse than others. The more often and frequently she rides in the car the better she will be. The key is to KEEP putting her in the car. My Legend got car sick the first 6 months of her life. After that, she LOVED the car but it took us awhile. You can also give her some "Bonine" that is over the counter (available at most drug stores) to help decrease the nausea.
Hello ~

I have not had this problem with Joss. He actually jumped into the truck all by himself yesterday - which suprised me since I make a point to lift him up and down so he's not leaping. However he's been good with his crate and the car since I picked him up. We did just switch out to the Med crate in the car and he's happy for the more space. He's never 'excited' like some dogs are to take a ride but he always just 'kennels up' and lays down for the trip. He's usually asleep within a few minutes anyway. I hope Amber starts to come around. My only advice is not to make a huge production of it, you want her to be comfortable but you also don't want to convince her it's an ordeal - its gotta just be routine, nothing that stresses you and hence should not stress her. Kennel up, treat, take the ride, kennel out, treat praise for the good trip. Joss would occasionally wimper the first few rides but we hushed him a couple of times and he stopped right away, now its no longer a problem.

Any recommendations for long car trips?? GiGi has gotten carsick before and we are going to be heading to my parent's house next weekend for a weekend visit and it is a 12 hour car trip. I am taking her with me and looking forward to getting pictures of her with my 11 year old setter at my parents'. Molly I don't think is going to be quite so appreciative of my bringing a puppy home!! Anyways, any advice anybody has to make the trip as smooth as possible would be wonderful! It will be me, GiGi and my two little girls, they are 3 and 2. I figure we will be making LOTS of stops and are going to start very early!! Thanks guys!
Hi Katie,

You can give Gigi some Dramamine that you can buy over the counter. I usually give one the night before and then one in the morning. Will also make her a little drowsy - oh darn!!

THANK YOU!! Wonder if I can give that to my kids to ;) JUST KIDDING!! I wish I could just teleport us there. Would make it so much easier than the 12 hour drive! My husband thinks I'm nuts to attempt it on my own but oh well. If I don't do it by myself I'd never see them!

You will do just fine!! Lord knows I have done crazy trips like that too - and loved every minute of it!! Good luck and let me know how you all do. Give Gigi a kiss for me.
Will do! My only real concern is how I'm going to fit all our suitcases AND her dog crate and food and toys in the car with all of us!! At least I have a Ford Explorer ;) I think it's time to invest in a mini van so there's room for the dog!!




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