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Hi - has anyone any suggestions about how to get over car sickness in a dog. One of our new owners is having terrible trouble with her (now nearly 7 month old) puppy. She salivates dreadfully as soon as she gets in the car and whilst travelling getting into a terrible state. I've already suggested ginger biscuits, travelling her in the front, in a cage that is covered and the usual feeding her in the car so she knows it is a nice place to be - but to no avail - she is quite happy to get in the car, just drools terribly

any suggestions are welcome and I'll pass them on


Many thanks



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Hi Ro .. having exactly the same problem with Holly and she's now 8 months .. never sick .. just streaming .. I've found Sealegs work .. one night before and maybe 1/2 in the morning if it's a long run .. so far we're getting there :-)
I have tried few things, but for my girl the DAP Spray worked well.
I have always given sea legs and find they work well. Even one adult I have still drools while the car is stationery but not while it is moving and she still has a sea legs the night before travelling to a show.
Thank you everyone - I'll pass your ideas on

The only solution is to try a sealeg tablet. My dogs are all travel sick over long distances, but it used to be just getting in the car that would set them off!! after a couple of months travelling for journeys up to and over an hour with a sealeg the night before, they can now go on short journeys with no sickness. Eventually you will be able to lengthen the journey without a tablet, but I used to find three hours was about the cut off and a tablet was still required.
I did try every other alternative, all the usual and herbal remedies with ginger and calmer etc but only a sealeg helps. The only problem is if you tell a pharmacist that they are for your dog they will not let you have them so tell them they are for you.
I understand that they usually grow out of this in relatively short time. However I had same problem with my Irish Setter bitch, Cherry, at 3-4 months on any journey of an hour or more - (we travel a fair bit to see grandchildren etc) she was sick every time. We did the usual feeding in car thing etc, but settled on Dorwest digestive tablets after advice from them. They are herbal and contain sufficient valerian to make the difference. We didn't use skullcap valerian tabs as Dorwest thought her too young for them. Whether she grew out of it as a co-incidence I can't say, but the effect was immediate as soon as we used the tablets on the day of travel. They also worked perfectly on bonfire nights - she didn't bat an eyelid after taking the tab, but she was her usual lively self. Hope this helps.




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