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No questions, no complaints, just a reflection of the wonderful 7 weeks we have had with this lovely boy.  We still miss Dublin very much but Cash has filled a void and has brought so much joy back into our family.  He is so much fun to spend my days with and requires patience but eventually he figures things out.  This week he discovered the rubber mats under our area rugs.  It has been a challenge to get him to understand "it isn't happening" when he decides to move the rugs out of the rooms.  And that little 24lbs can move a couch if it is on a rug.  I use bitter apple often now, to teach him that dining room chair legs aren't bones.  It might take him several days and many tries but he does seem to get it eventually.  He brings smiles to faces all over town and at many of our play groups and dog parks.  He loves other dogs and is learning how to approach and respect others too.  The older dogs have taught him more than a few things about manners in a pack situation.  He has made some friends and just enjoys car rides, visitors and life in general.  I get him out everyday to experience new things and new places.  I feel so blessed to have him in my life and hope the months ahead go as smoothly as the first one has.  It's fun to see so many other IS puppies right now on the site and I am learning tons from all your experience. 

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so very pleased for you susan that cash has filled a void in your home that dubs left.we know he will never replace dubs, but like dubs he will find a place in your heart that is just for him.hope you have many happy years together
That was wonderfull to read and brought a smile to my face :)
So wonderful to read Susan. Nothing brings a smile to your face then an Irish Setter learning about life.
what a lovely update . we always remember every irish girl wev had and they all have there own ways and bring us so much pleasure. orla and neeve are 16 months now and are a joy to have as part of our family. best of luck to you for many happy years with cash.
Susan, so pleased you are a happy bunny and all is well x
Oh no not the Dyson! Dottie is so cute I can see how nothing she does could anger you for long. And a smart cookie too. Here I sit after running all over the house with Cash because he didn't get enough outside walks today because I had work and a dentist appt. He loves to chase me and then I have to chase him! Funny thing is I am the only one of us who seems tired.
Congrats on becoming a new mum to little Cash
you never forget your previous irish and i find myself comparing the antics my Bailey gets up to with my last irish Herbie
but they are a wonderful breed to own full of such fun and life and they bring such pleasure to your life even when they are up to loads of mischief around the house




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