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hy i wonder if any of you have any advice my youngest ruby has had bother on her paw for the last year with a cyst she has been back and forward at the vets constantly with it flaring up they even operated and said they had removed it but it came back she wont leave it alone the collar doesnt deter her we have had to put a muzzle on her so she wont chew at her paw it goes away for a couple of weeks but alwayscomes back shes been on antibiotics foot washes but nothing helps does anybody else have experienceof this   any advice would be much appreciated

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Hi Angeline,
Have you tried homeopathic remedies? Irish Setters respond really well to homeopathy. Is there a homeopathic vet near you? Otherwise I would try hepar sulphur and silica, this might solve the problem.

Hi Angeline,

Where about's on her paw is the cyst??  The reason I am asking this is I had a pointer many years ago and he had something similar to a cyst but it was a lick granuloma on top of his paw and we were given a gel by the vet called Dermamobian.  We applied this gel to the affected area and pressure padded it (changing the dressing twice daily).  This treatment was kept up for at least four weeks and after this time the cyst disappeared completely and it ended up we could not even remember which paw he had it on as there was never any trace of the cyst left at all.  During this time he was either muzzled or had his collar on.  I am not sure if the gel is still available but I am sure there must be some gel similar to this that you could use - but it is worth a try.

i have the same problem with my old boy for at least 3 years.... no solution found yet, very unpleasant thing, causing him severe limping when inflamed. if anyone came up with a solution, it would make us soooo happy!:)

Hi Angeline i totally agree with Catherine Carter on trying homeopathic remedies obviously whatever the vet is doing isn't working if you phone up a homeopathic chemist they will prescribe and make up the remedy and post it to you by Royal Mail I use Ainsworths in London - they are absolutely brilliant) please give them a ring and you'll be amazed at the results!

sorry folks it is an interdigital cyst

lucks not with me just now poor rubys just been operated on to remove a large chukky stone that was stuck in her intestine the vet said shes so lucky that i realised she was not well as it could have been fatal tomorrow they have to get her to eat and make sure it passes through fingerscrossed     thanks for the comments about her foot when i get her over her op i will certainly try them

Sorry to hear about Ruby these dogs will try and eat anything, my first setter had one of the cysts think he must of been lucky as he had it removed and never had any more problems with it, hugs to Ruby (",)

Sorry to hear about the problems you have been having...hope they all clear up soon....poor Ruby hope she recovers well...

I hope Ruby recovers .

I am the one Sue is referring to and we all had a lovely holiday!

Ellie ,my eight year old ,has been plagued with interdigital cysts for a few years now and nothing seems to ever stop them but Atopica has helped .Two days before we went on holiday with her she produced three horrible cysts on one foot,they were bright red and very large.Normally they go in about a week but these seemed infected as her foot was hot so a visit to the vet had to be made.A long lasting antibiotic injection got rid of any infection.

Someone suggested ,after I had visted the vet, trying a haemorrhoid cream on the cysts and I was amazed to see a very quick reduction in their size.Two days later the cysts had shrunk and had virtually gone .I will try it again next time they appear.

I don't think homeopathic remedies have any validity but that is my personal opinion.

I hope that this was a 'one off' and Ruby never has another cyst.

Sorry Howard but have you actually tried homeopathic remedies on your dogs because it would be a shame if you made that statement if not.  Murfee has been on three remedies in the last couple of months to enable him to get over a bad reaction to his booster which was originally wrongly diagosed as elbow dysplaysia (which caused us great distress i might add) because he was limping badly and very lethargic but while i was waiting to see the 2nd specialist to confirm this he stopped limping and was generally much improved within about 3 days of me administering prescribed homeopathic remedies i really can't put down his improvement to anything else other than the time that has elapsed since his booster (July) as i haven't changed his diet nor is he on any other medication.  As you expect these cysts to return why not try homeopathic remedies as you seem willing to try other suggestions such as haemorrhoid cream and antibiotics.  As i always say to people that are sceptical if it's good enough for the Queen and her family it's good enough for me and mine including my dogs!  In fact my previous dog Paddy was very ill when a puppy and after 3 lots of antibiotics and no improvement i took him to a homeopathic vet.  Again he started to improve within about 3 days and within 2 weeks was completely better not sure what was wrong with him but the leather on his nose started to peel off.  Quite frankly i think we should all be questioning allopathic vets why they are charging us so much money for not treating our dogs properly this last debacle has cost us £500 to see 2 specialists i just wish i'd gone the homeopathic route in the 1st place Murfee's remedies have cost me £45 and a very well dog!

Well Sue sorry to hear you had a bad experience with your homeopathic vet but as with all professions there is good and bad in every practice please don't let it put you off in future.  Allopathic vets only have drugs and antibiotics to work with but because there are thousands of remedies one will be right for your pet but not doing any harm in the process as homeopathic vets treat the patient not the condition.  I totally agree with you that time is a great healer but why not give it a helping hand, that's how homeopathy works

Teresa,I have tried homeopathic remedies (some years ago) but they just don't work...well not on my dogs they don't!





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