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We were at a show at the weekend and Hubby was looking through the catalogue and he casually said that he thought that some of the names of the dogs were a little ridiculous (his words not mine), and that a lot of them seem to be drinks or song titles!  He also said that if I ever bred a litter that I would choose better names for them.  I then had to tell him that I had thought about it and one may be "Binky The Doormat" at which point he gave me a whithering look as if to say you're potty!  

How do you come up with name you give your pups?

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I just decided on Irish themes for my 4 litters so far;o) Irish Rivers,  Mountains, Lakes and the last litter wer Irish poets and writers!! Some might find this boring, but personally I like native names for my native breed;o))))) I find some names are just too long and complicated and some just silly;o)) So some of mine are Clannrua Sheelin(Lake),C. Fane(River), C.Comeragh(Mountain)C. Beckett, C.Yeats,(Writers) and so on!!

I also chose the names for Cara's last litter even though I wasnt the breeder(he didnt have anything prepared) so he was happy with irish native mammals in the Irish language! Like Corradeelish Fia(Gaelic for Deer) C.Sionnach(Gaelic for Fox) and C Broc(Gaelic for Badger) etc.;o)

Thanks Finn;o)) Cara is Clannrua Comeragh;o) Abbey is Clannrua Lough Owel (a local lake in westmeath) I wanted Lake Derravaragh for Abbey but IKC wouldnt allow it? Its our nearest lake!! I think it had been an Affix years ago, so cant be used !

Rua's breeder gave me a choice of R names as long as they were in Irish, and Glenrua is the breeder's affix and I think it is Red Valley? But Realtóg I do know is Young Star;o)) Young=Óg and Star=Realt so together Realtóg!!!! And boy can she put dogs in their place;o)))))

I had thought of this before my litter would be named after my grandchilden, with an aristocracy title - Lord Lewis Dee. Lady Elise Nichol, Princess Molly becs, Prince Jordan George, Barron Kyron Micky, Count Bailey J, and Harry the court Jester.  lol  <:0)

Good ones Angela;o) Harry must be the cheeky grandchild?;)

OH ! You have met him then lol

He could have every one in stiches at a grave side. Now age 5, in panto before he is 6 ?

our first litter was named after characters in the Shannara fantasy books by Terry Brooks as I am an avid fan, and it was like a fantasy I hardly dared believe was coming true.

So we had boys Bluestack Padishar who is my profile picture, B. Tiger Ty, B. Whisper and B. Walker Boh, and girls B. Damson, B. Brin, B. Amberle and B. Wren. We had one of Wren's puppies  and carried on the Shannara theme with Rumor as his pet name. Our last litter was a disaster and only 2 survived the caesarian... that was Kiefer who we kept, and Cerys who went to our eldest daughter...this time we went for celebrities starting with the phonetic sound /k/.

I liked being able to choose a kennel club registered name that was also to be their pet name.

Lovely names Sue:o) I like that they mean something special for you;o)

that,s brill. i love the terry brooks books! our first litter was named aftef terry pratchett books!

Finlay and his litter mates seemed to be named after the colour of the collars  they were wearing, Finlay was wearing a green collar and he is Sebby's Gorgeous Green, i still have a green and black celtic design collar for him now (",)

Thats a lovely name Ellen;o) Interesting way of doing it ;o)

Yes think the name suits him, i have bought different coloured collars while he was growing but the green suits him the best and being Irish a it has to be Emerald Green (",)




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