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Hi everyone just wondering if anyone can throw light on my problem. Merlin was diagnosed and is being treated successfully for hypothyroidism. He is now 8yrs old. Before his treatment he had very little coat changes, just a bit dry and dandruffy but now when I look at him the fur on his back, at the tail end of his back, has become lighter in patches and  almost fluffy....it comes out like baby fluff if I pluck it so I haven't!! Am just wondering if this is par for the course with thyroxine? I would think it is looking almost as if he has been neutered but in patches. Is there anything I can do...I feed raw and add coconut oil and cod liver oil to their diet

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Hi Christine, I had a look in J. Dodds book about hair changes and she describes hair loss and 'puppy coat' as one of the signs of hypothyroidism: '... easy to pull…' or '.. the outer hair falls out, leaving just the soft undercoat.' p.22 You write however that Merlin is diagnosed and treated successfully; so he should not have signs like this on the grounds of hypothyroidism. The only thing I can think about is, that his dosing is not correct or not correct anymore; you find info in her book about dosing on page 99 and 105; on the latter, she describes the dog in his transition '...into his senior years.': '… his metabolism will slow as he ages and his medication will likely need to be re-dosed accordingly.' She also recommends retesting (blood test) once per year. As I said, it was just a thought, but as Merlin is now 8yrs old, it would be a possibility. I hope you find the solution and I believe you have her book. All the best C & J Dodds: The Canine Thyroid Epidemic

I was going to say it sounds like the puppy fluff that we strip out when showing. So what Cornelia has pointed out seems worth considering.

I know Bridie's meds seem to change on every review. She is reviewed with a blood test every 4 months approx., though of course she does have other issues, but even so her coat is quite good for an elderly spayed bitch with stomach cancer and hyperthyroidism!

Oh thanks both of you, thinking about yes it does sound right  that maybe the dosing may be out. I do have him tested every 6 months and he had one done not that long ago..the vet said it was fine but don't trust them 100% as they said that on his first test and then when I sent it off to Jean Dodds she said no he needed medication! Maybe I will send his results off to her just to see what she says. Thank you for reminding me, yes I do have the book! THat's very helpful thank you xx

Tally has yellow fluff patches from about mid spine down to her tail. I take it out with the Mars coat king.  This is very common with hypo T dogs i'm afraid.

Hi Fran, yes I thought it might be, I have  coat king so may try that...such a shame, thanks for replying though...should I be giving him extra supplements now...he ahs cod liver oil and coconut oil...his coat is very shiny but just these fluffy patches!




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