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For the first time, our youngest irish at 8 months old has taken a notion to chewing the other dogs coats. We have never had a coat chewer before and we never catch him doing it to tell him off!


We have thought about getting a muzzle, but our guess is that he is doing it during the night and so he would not be able to drink.


We are just wondering if anyone else has ever had a coat chewer, and if so what methods they may have used to stop them doing it?

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Hi Sandra,   I would definately not consider using a muzzle for this problem, far better to use a crate like I said before.  Just a thought......what shampoo do you use on your dogs?  Perhaps trying something like a Tea Tree based shampoo might make your dogs coats less appealing. 

Because he seems to only chew the other male dogs coats then it seems as though he probably started out only grooming the other male dogs coats overnight while they were resting together for acceptance into the pack as a youngster (especially as he doesnt seem to do this to the females).  He probably felt comforted by his actions and as the other males have not objected to him chewing at their coats then it has probably become a habit (like someone who finds biting their nails a calming experience). 

I have had a coat chewer.  I've not really got much advice to give but it was a dog puppy I ran on alongside his litter sister.  He started just before they were 6 months old (before the bitch's first show).  The first time I noticed it there was only a few bits missing but the next day he took off half the hair down the spine and in the following few days he went right along the spine and started going down the sides over the ribs.  I never caught him doing it but it was mostly when out playing in the garden and he never did it when they were just snuggled up together.  It does make a mess and for the coat to come right they have to have a complete change of coat.  He never seemed stressed or nervous in fact he was a friendly laid back dog.  I had to keep them apart when unsupervised until I rehomed him at 8 months old as he wasn't entire.  He went to live with another young Irish and has never done it in his new home.  Maybe at this age it is to do with teething but it does seem to become a habit.    Maybe try to keep your puppy apart from the others when you are not around so that it breaks the habit and he hopefully forgets about it, not easy I know for a breed that loves company.

Hi Angela,

Yes we are hoping as he is just 8 months that he will grow out of it but for the mean time i think we may have to resort to cage him over night or try the box muzzle. Thanks for your suggestions.




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