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Collar that will not leave 'kink' in show coat

Hi All

Do your show dogs wear collars at home and what type of collar can be used that will not leave a 'kink' or damage the coat after a while of permanent wearing?

My Karla only wears a collar with a name tag when we go out for walks; at home she doesn't wear a collar.

However, last weekend Karla slipped out the gate when a guest of ours arrived.  It took us about 10mins to realize that she was gone in the chaos.  Luckily she happily came trotting back down the street when we called her, but the experience gave us a huge fright.  She is microchipped, but I don't know if that's enough as not all people will take the trouble to have a dog scanned if they find it in the street.

Any advice on the topic would be greatly appreciated.



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Thanks, Tracy

I found this coat saver collar that looks interesting: 


I have a friend visiting Australia next week, so I can maybe ask him to bring me one

That collar wouldn't be safe to leave on full time, dogs could easily get hooked on something.


I don't like leaving collars on mine either but when out they usually wear Ancol rolled leather collars.
I agree Sue. I don't think there is a collar that won't make a mark. Mine only wear collars with discs when they go out. They are taken off immediatly they come home. I agree another gate would be the only safe solution to stop Karla getting out.

Thanks for the advice, everyone.

I guess we will go the second gate route.






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