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I have never been to Crufts mainly because I am in two minds about the whole show business side of dog breeding and also because it's a bit of a trek to get to Birmingham from the South Coast.

However, I fear it's the only time I'll ever be able to see a whole load of Setters of all different shapes and sizes in one place.

So I've been looking at dates and have noticed that the gundogs are lined up for Sat 9th March which is nice because I won't need to take time off work and the hubby will be able to look after the Peril. 

Is anyone here thinking of attending the show? And what are the general recommendations for newcomers to dog shows? Are all the Setter breeds kept in one area? Are breeders/exhibitors happy to let you interact with their dogs and ask questions?


Any thoughts and suggestions will be much appreciated.


Best, KC

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It's a shame we won't be seeing you at Crufts Catherine, to be honest I'm not too sure how we'll be getting there ourselves.

Byron is an absolute stunner - such an adorable face! How are him and Errol getting along? Did you get him from a rescue?

Yes, I wanted to hook up with your guys initially to find out whether we could all travel together but now that's not going to happen.  :(  Hope you are still going though!

Byron is such a tall and lanky pup - very different in type from Errol who is positively stocky by comparison (and now with all the additional treats getting a little errr rotund). He is a re-home so strictly speaking not a rescue. Boys are getting on fine. Errol is of course top dog or rather second in command after me.

We must meet - soon!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Looking forward to see more pics of Byron and Byron plus Errol:)) and, of course, looking forward to met them soon :)

Sorry of topic but he is beauiful. I know exactly what you mean about hard work !!!!! My baby is 8 months also and she runs me around like a headless chicken some days, ( so naughty ) Must mean she is healthy and happy and a normal setter pup.Soooo pleased for you have fun, give your boys a hugg from me if they stay still long anough. <:0)

Byron looks a lovely boy, how nice to have two boys now, i know what you mean about taking photos Finlay always turns away as i take photo (",)

If any of you are on Facebook please look at Kathleen Tepperies posting about the  Crufts Factor here.

As of 2pm Friday she is the leader of the competition to perform with Brandy, her setter / springer cross but needs as many votes as possible before the closing time of 5pm today

Good luck to everyone who is taking their dogs, old hands or new.  It would be lovely to see a Setter (any description), do well.  The Gordon Setter that won late last year looks a lovely dog and Jamie may make it a hat- trick for the Irish.  Hopefully next year, I'll be there with Rigsby.

Looking forward to finally meeting some of you too and catching up with a few old friends.


Can I just say from here in Australia I wish you well and have a lovely time. It sounds like a setter lovers paradise. I saw three Irish at a show two weeks ago and I thought I was in heaven :0)) take care Dianne and Irish x


Well you really would be in heaven at Crufts. The entry is 351 Irish Setters. You must try to get there one day, nobody can explain how amazing it is, you have to experience the wonder that is Crufts.


Dawn R.

Yes Dawn three!! But there are shows where I think there's been 70 but don't quote me on that. You no doubt will be in seventh heaven, please put some photos on ES so I can envi them. And yes maybe one day I will get to Crufts...my motto.. Never say never. Have a great day :0))) Dianne x

I've had Setters for 33years and apart from mine i've only ever seen my dogs parents when i picked them up from breeder, so i cant wait, 351 Irish Setters i wont know where to look first (",)

That sounds like my daughter last year she has a golden Retriver but grew up with Irish Setters she was going between them both (",)




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