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I'm not normally one to comment on here I just like reading the posts for good advice and looking at the pictures and videos. I had the the pleasure to attend crufts on Saturday although it was a very long day setting off at half 7 from Leeds and not getting home till half 11 it was fantastic to see so many setters under one roof all of them so well behaved and the owners so friendly and willing to answer questions and offer advice on what must of been a stressful time for them preparing the dogs. It did confirm for me that the irish setter is the most beautiful dog out ther but sure everybody on here agrees but my partner was smitten with the red and white setters. From reading a previous blog about crufts I know quite a few people attended I just hope they enjoyed the day as much as me and my family did.


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No, I didn't mean anything against your posting, accepted totally in the kind spirit you put it up.


I'm sure they'll get hundreds of entries, anyway, and if people just want to share their pictures as widely as possible, its a way of doing that.

Hi Diane

              We sent a red and white boy out to Australia years ago. He was shown and became a champion !




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