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Just learned Scarlett diagnosed w/ Cushings Disease numbers were off the charts in 2 tests. She has been sick last few days throwing up & high fever apparently a UTI and case of pancreatitis. Fever gone keeping food & h2o down at present. Ideas/ experiences w/ Cushings

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Sorry to hear this I do hope that Scarlett gets well soon

I am sorry about Scarlett.

I wrote this on here in August last year:

I had an Irish bitch with Cushings.She was about nine when it was diagnosed.She lived until she was nearly eleven.She would not settle and walk round the rooms all the time,it is not an easy disease because the dog can,and ours did,become fearful.Even of my wife and me.She would drink a lot and became incontinent of urine,however she was treated with Vetoryl (Modrenal, Trilostane) and there was an improvement.I don't know where you live but I do not think this drug is licenced in the US.
If there is anything else I can help you with please ask.

So sorry to hear another dear little Setter has become a victim of the endocrine diseases.  If I were in your shoes (and to a certain extent I am - even on a personal level as I go in the opposite direction to Cushings) I would go onto to www.mercola.com and then to the healthy pets section, search on video's and watch what Dr. Karen Becker has to say about Cushings, and take what she says very seriously !  Get yourself onto the forums and ask the people there about it too, you could get some surprising answers.  Had it not been for the help I got from them, my Tallulah would have died last year.

Thanks, I have reviewed and will be discussing further with my vet.

Thanks. I am sorry for your loss. I am in the USA and will be discussing options with my vet and also seek the advice of a vet who works beyond traditional vet meds.

I've had 2 bitches with Cushings, The first one died at 13years and was on Vetoryl for about 7years, the one we have now is almost 13years & she was diagnosed about 4years ago.

Both times the vets wanted to keep them on high doses(120mg according to their weight) but it made them worse, the correct dose for an Irish Setter seems to be 60mg once a day. I have advised other owners on this and they have also reported good results with this level of medication. 

It is my belief that setters are very sensitive to any drugs which is why they can react badly to wormers, vaccinations & steroids etc.

Hope Scarlett gets better soon

my maisie was diagnosed in feb with cushings she was on vetarol but took a few months to get the right dose saddly she died in august but vet dint think it was anything to do with that

Thanks, I am sorry for your loss. I will be exploring options.

Sorry I have no advice - but wishing Scarlett Rose and you all the best!

All the best to you and Scarlett Rose




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