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UK television viewers, was anyone else watching ''The One Show'' this evening. Tonights guest was the comedian Alan Carr, and guess who's his new best friend? Yeah...........Bev, she's an 11 week old Irish Setter puppy. She's absolutely delightful.


OK spill the beans, who bred Bev?

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No disrespect but somehow Alan Carr was the last person on Earth I expected to be the Setter type.... I just couldn't imagine that owning energetic Reds and a hectic celebrity lifestyle would be a match made in heaven. As it happens Alan seems to be mentioning his Reds all the time (just google Alan Carr and Setter). Seeing him with his lovely ladies has changed my opinion of him completely.

Im afraid it hasn't changed my opinion of him...even if he has got good taste when it comes to dogs!

George Best definately had a celebrity lifestyle and to some extent so did Susan George and they both managed to mix Setters into their lifestyles with no problems.

How do you define what a Setter type is?

So did Brigette Bardot...................................I now need to walk the dogs to recover!
Cold shower i think actually Howard!!!!!!
You might just want to add a little bit of warm water to your shower James.....have you seen the latest pictures of Brigette Bardot.... :-)
Er!.....in her prime we meant!!!
ahhh and naturally you will be watching cause you all are still in your prime?:)
But of course we are...for me in mind if not body!
How about an extrovert who gets bored easily and is always looking for a new challenge - you certainly get it with ISs in the house!!
ahh finally the reason we have Irish Setters!!!!  :)  I will say life was boring that year and a half we did not have an IS  ( or any dogs ) in our home...I named the squirrels, bunnies and chipmunks just to have a pet but they just took the nibbles I left out for them and scooted off about their business ...not so much as a thankyou! Now with an IS you always know they appreciate everything we do for their comfort......and if they like it you will be repeating it daily at the same time for life (if they have their way). 

Setter type = outdoors-y folk / rural dwellers / suburban families etc. etc. i.e. people not necessarily living in busy inner city London (although I appreciate Alan's got the Heath right on his doorstep). I assume George B came to Setters later in life and following his footie career? There are of course other Setter fanatics such as President Nixon and Clark Gable.... However, I'm sure they all had nice pads with big gardens and someone to look after their dogs while they are away.

Brigitte Bardot is news to me - need to find out more.


Don't go there....... or there will be another long range salvo from Sherry!  I've just emerged after that one last night,which i missed after going to bed. Howard returned fire for us however!!!




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