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Do dogs need to eat grass. This is usually followed by her being sick

Molly eats grass and then is sick afterwards. Just wondering if her diet is o.k.She has raw meat and dry

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Hi Eunice

As I said in one of your other discussions, we live on 5 acres. The house area is approx. 1/2 acre. My English Setters eat grass daily and they have a variety of grasses to choose from. Very rarely do they vomit. However, recently Hammer started to eat a lot more grass but he did not vomit. There was no change in anything else until he lost his appetite and this was a major warning sign to me. Just before we were leaving for the vet, Hammer vomited grass with yellow bile. The yellow bile concerned me. Hammer's blood tests revealed that his liver enzymes were 400 times higher than normal. I am not saying this to alarm you but if Molly does seem a little quieter, possibly you could talk to your vet particularly because you have a good relationship with him. Despite an x-ray and ultrasound and 2 courses of treatment, Hammer's liver enzymes are still high but the vet cannot now find anything physically wrong with him. Sometimes these problems are easily resolved, sometimes they are not. I always believing in trusting your intuition because you know your dog better than anyone else. I hope that you resolve your concerns with Molly very quickly. I am still trying to find out what is wrong with Hammer. Susan 

thanks heaps for that. Yes she brings up yellow bile and sleeps alot. I will keep an eye on her. When she is out and about does run around but that has given me food for thought

I do not want to cause unnecessary alarm but yellow bile is not normal. When a dog vomits grass the bile is always white. In saying this, there may be a simple explanation for what is happening to Molly but to be on the safe side, I would get this checked out with your vet, particularly because you have a good relationship with him.


And thank you, Tracy for your well wishes for Hammer. When I sort out what is going on I will let you know. I have had terrible experiences with vets, particularly since my long-time vet retired but I have always tried to be an "empowered" dog and horse owner. The major problem I have faced is getting a vet to listen to me and this can have disastrous consequences. The vet treating Hammer is new but he appears to care and I can accept mistakes provided the intention is pure.  

The only reason I mentioned that yellow bile is abnormal is because the 2 vets who have treated Hammer told me this. I would never form this opinion myself. And fortunately Hammer is not sick despite his elevated liver enzymes.
thats fine I understood what u were saying. I agree with you. I will keep an eye on Molly she just hangs with me and seems happy enough.
i think I worry about Molly because like many of us we have had unpleasant experiences previously with other dogs or even our current ones. My last setter (Irish) was only 9 when we discovered she had a brain tumor. Watching her have 2 fits etc was awful. She died very quickly after we found out what was wrong with her. Molly is so special and this time I am at home also. Anyway thanks for all your help. 
thanks for your understanding. Going to bed now. Hope Molly does not take too much room... so hot here I think I am going to melt

Hi Eunice

I have been reading this post with interest.  I hope Molly is OK and there is nothing too much than the heat!  I know my girl is off her food a little lately and I think it is just the heat. 

Hope it cools down your way overnight.  It's not too bad up here at the moment, with a bit of breeze coming from the Cyclone out in the ocean.



she will be fine. Yes slightly cooler today. We don't usually get this hot in Sydney. Anyway thanks talk later




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