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Does anybody feed both: Raw meat and "provender"alternately?

In Germany this has become a trend somehow. I would like to hear your experiences and opinions.

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We've been feeding raw meat and veges for 1 1`/2 years. Our dogs love it. We always get remarks how shiny their coat is. They are full of beans (as Irishs should be) and healty.

Saying that, I am not dogmatic when it comes to sharing Schmacko treats with doggie buddies. One or two treats from the supermarket shelf is fine.

Other than that, we pretty much stick to that diet.
Hello Im kate a newbie with ruby the irish setter

We got ruby from pup and her breeder fed the litter raw, i had heard about raw feeding and its quite interesting, and very simple!

I feed her raw and give her mixer biscuits when she has chicken wings for breaky!!

Rubys fav is tripe when lightly boiled!! cums back wanting more!
Keep on feeding raw! There are many sites about this subject on de world wide web. ;-)

Kate - you BOIL the tripe?! Good Lord how do you cope with the stench in the house???


Here's some very good info!

by Ian Billinghurst
Item: DN138
A runaway best seller based on the concept that a natural, raw food-based diet is best for your dog. Learn how to feed your dog(s) for maximum health, low cost and low environmental impact using raw, whole foods. Contains valuable nutritional information for anyone who is involved with dogs, including vets, vet students, breeders and dog owners.
Ships the next business day.
Price: $29.95
And here is that other link again: http://www.rawmeatybones.com/
Many thanks for this very interesting link Astrid
I feed a mix of raw and kibble (Eagle Pack). Raw chicken wings for breakfast, and for dinner, they get kibble with raw mince, kelp powder and omega oil. If I have it, I will also add plain yoghurt. They get snacks of fruit and vegies throughout the day, as I will always chop up a few pieces for the dogs when I give my daughter a fruit or vegie snack.

would like to know how to get started on a raw diet. our girl fussy when it comes to kibbles!


Hi guys.  Definitely recommend www.rawmeatybones.com and Dr Tom Lonsdale's books are excellent and will help you get started.  After that, the best advice I can give is befriend your local butcher!!!!!
Brilliant idea! Thanks. I shall have a look at the yahoo group too as it's always great to chat with other raw feeders!!!
thank you will give it a go.....hopefully no more time and money wasted on kibbles




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