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Dudley just stole a loaf of bread from the kitchen counter that's been sitting around since Sunday. He loves all bread including pita, Italian, naan and whole grain. Even better than dog treats. Unfortunately eating too much bread at once upsets his tummy for at least 24 hours. He's not inclined to eat other 'bad' foods, just bread. Is this common?

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I had a mongrel ,(sorry cross breed!), that loved melon!

Molly here loves watermelon but you have to feed it off her fork on the patio...keeps the stickiness out of her ears and off your kitchen floor.  She has no use though for carrots.......they are something she tries to roll on. She will eat lettuce if olive oil is used in the dressing of it.  She does have her share of funny quirks when it comes to her food but we figure that is just who she is!

  We once did a test here with cut up steak and hot French bread.......had two plates on the floor and our Shilo gobbled up the bread and ignored the steak...and looked up begging for more bread.He seemed to crave hot French bread !




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