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Hi, just a curious to see if any of you have dogs that really are not keen on boxers . Not ones they have had personal experience with but on a generic basis ie, just the look of a boxer?

My Reuben really has an issue with them but that's not why I am asking, it is more of a interest and something I may be looking into for a dissertation topic. I hear it a lot that people comment on either their boxers getting attacked or others saying their dogs don't like them. It must be something to do with body posture/lack of tail/face shape etc etc. I don't have any answers but am very curious

Thank you


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No I don't have a problem with them either and I am looking at this in a objective scientific manner.

I too have heard this mentioned by some dog owners before. Any that I knew from the past were always agressive, and that turned me against them completely. However the one or two that we now meet rarely when out walking now are actually gentle and friendly (however they are bitches), and i have recently seen a couple of dogs (not off the lead) displaying that stereotypical agressiveness that always made me wary and suspicious of them. My boy does not seem to have an issue with boxers, however, they are definately not my cup of tea (as they say), and i would never ever contemplate having one. Their look gives off bad vibes as far as i am concerned.

we (and Oberon) absolutely love boxers!! some of the oberon's best friend in the park are boxers, and you can tell oberon is really looking for them because they are so playful and sociable, jumping and running all time ..

maybe they lack a proper tail and have a funny short face (always plenty of saliva around when there is a boxer;).. but I guess Oberon likes them because they are as pawsy as him ! :) and often, if you look carefully, you discover that  they hide a ball in their mouth, he :)

No problemo! 

However, the only Boxers we have met regularly are a playful young bitch and an old (and now very ill) male. The latter was obviously always very protective of the bitch but Errol knows not to overstep the mark. In fact I think Errol is very well socialised overall and as I have no issues with certain breeds and try to not send any vibes down the lead he cannot feed of me so to speak. Also it's worth noting that he grew up together with a litter of Dogue de Bordeaux puppies (see my pictures) so I don't think he has any issues "reading crunched up faces"....  :)   Hope this helps.

I've seen dogs being scared of french bulldogs. Pitanga and Romã are actually friends with 4 frenchies and they are amazing, but the first reaction most dogs have is to run away! Their owner actually also owns a boxer, and although Pitanga and Romã are always extra submissive when she's around, we never had any issues and they all get along.

My guess is most dogs find their faces and breathing wierd....

Arthur is terrified of 'Foxie' ,a local Boxer,and hides when she is in the park, but she did knock him over and is quite aggressive.Has anyone else noticed that Boxers seem to be aggressive nowadays whereas they used to be soft ,daft dogs?

Ellie is not a bit bothered by Boxers ...or any other dog really!

We had a setter some years ago that couldn't stand lurchers or whippets.She was normally a very placid dog bit not with them.We could never find a reason .

The 'boys' haven't met any boxers but can't stand Golden Retrievers probably because Hamilton was walking past one that was tethered to a lamp post outside a shop waiting for his owner when it went for him. Golden Retrievers are now fair game including the Obedience Examiner's dog who he meets enroute to the Advanced Class as he is leaving the Gold - maybe he'll never pass his Gold!!  Poor Hamilton. Personally I love Boxers friends have a bitch about 4 years of age and she is very friendly and of course these days no docked tail.

Thank you so far everyone for your comments and I will be looking further into this as intrigues me immensely!

my setters love the boxer

Yes! But then he's only met young ones who are as keen to play as him. Infact he completely hijacked the one Boxer's play time by stealing his ball and taking it back to the owner to throw, which the owner did over and over again!

The only time Rufus has ever shown any reluctance towards another dog it was a guide dog. The sight of it stopped him in his tracks and he refused to move until it had passed by.

My Bajka used to have two best friend boxer girls, they loved to play with.

But one of the boxers many times attacked other dogs, as I remember there were mainly bitches. It started when she was quite adult.




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