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Cash loves his bed.  We got it when he was about 5 months old and I knew it was temporary until he grew and was a trustworthy that he wouldn't destroy a bed.  I got him this fluffy round one that I wasn't even sure he would use.  I layed it down at he foot of the master bed, and before I could remove the tags off it, that pup was curled up in the middle and very happy with it.  From that night on he never would sleep anywhere else.  He waits for us all to turn off the lights and he happily plopped into the middle of this way to small bed for his size now.  It has since gotten very lumpy and the seams have given way and since it was a cheapy bed, I saved up for a nice giant sized memory foam one befitting my special boy.  Well that was two nights ago.  I am exhausted from not much sleep!  Cash doesn't like his new bed.  He gets up every couple hours and wakes me and is very unsettled.  Even whimpered a bit too.  Just in case, I had stored that old lumpy little bed in the basement and sure enough he knew where it was and last night in the wee hours, he started scratching on the basement door.  I let him down there and he happily curled up in his old bed.  Broke my heart really to know that he didn't want the new fancy expensive bed I got him.  So I packed up the new bed and returned it today.  He is back sleeping on the little lumpy one and I am searching for a round bed like he has only triple the size!!  Hoping he will accept it if it is the same kind.  I was thinking you guys must have funny stories of trying to change out their favorite bedding or blankets and how did they react to it.  Do yours prefer a bed to small?  A soft pillowy style or a nice firm one?  I am on a mission to find him the bed he likes since a happy sleeping dog means a happy sleeping family!

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Aww bless his little heart...I wonder if you put the old bed inside the new, bigger one that he would take to it better.  They are creatures of habit aren't they?

Henry has a quilt on the sofa in the office, he's in there all day with me and overnight, during the evening he is usually in the lounge with us.  This quilt has one silky side and one warm side, the silky side is dark brown and the other side is beige so I have had it dark side up to hide the dirty foot prints he seems to want to put in it as soon as it's put back on from having been washed.  He refuses to get up on it if I put if light side up, even though thats the warmer way...he likes it silky side up or nothing :-)

I would buy him a big round soft one and put his old one inside it...eventually he might even get used to the new one!

My dogs 'go to bed' in our other living room,There are two  leather settees in there and they gave their beds (in that room) up for those a long time ago! But Arthur ,my puppy, has a bed that sounds remarkably like Cash's and he loves it.At the moment it is still whole and he crashes out in there with total joy.

We used to allow our previous dogs to come upstairs into our bedroom but ,sometimes,they liked our bed best and having three or four Irish Setters on top of you is not funny,So the new generation have never been allowed upstairs.

I hope you find a bed that Cash really likes but I have a feeling that the old favourite will be around for some time yet!

ROFL they are such creatures of habit aren't they!

I am on the hunt for one online.  I need the same bed in an elephant size!  They don't make big enough beds for big dogs in my opinion.  What they call extra large is suitable for a medium sized dog.

Thanks Tracy

I was there the other day and they only had smaller ones.  I will check them out online.  At least then if I hate it, I can return it to a real store.  I found this cool site called mammoth dog beds and was hovering my finger over a really great one but it was 100.00 and I sort of freaked.  What if he hated it and I can't return it?  Luckily I looked online for reviews of the company and sure enough....so many complaints about them not responding to returns.  So I will keep looking.  It is nice when my only issue right now is a bed Cash likes!  It could be worse ya know. 

He seems to like his round one best.  I guess those that sleep in a ball seem to do the round style.  Those that stretch out like a regtangle one. 

Tracy that first one looks great.  I saw it at other places online for more money too.

Thanks so very much! 

Hi, I have been there with the new bed but it was disguarded and I got a look as if to say would you sleep on it ?!? So we use a continental quilt which he can adjust just so! sometimes only a paw is on it other times its find the Irish setter as he wraps it all around himself, its easy as it goes in the washing machine as Sue says and 15 scottish pounds from Tesco! Seems Murphy knows best on this occasion!
Cash is my first dog that would sleep in a dog bed.  Others slept with us.  One the couch and Dublin loved his blanket only.  Dragged it all over and slept under it. 

Sounds like the scenes in our family!

We have the fanciest beds for them, and they love them - during the day. Our bedrooom is covered with doggy-beds, linnen and blankets as well - suitable for cold and hot nights.


And where do they sleep? In our bed, curled up wherever they find space, but most important, as close to us as possible. I have to admit, we all enjoy to be that close together  - God bless the inventor of the King size bed!

My first Irish , Shilo started out in a box by our bed as a puppy....with his blanket and silly dog would wait for us to lift him in and out even when he was full grown. No other box would do...or dog bed so when his box just litterally was flat we took part of it and incased it in a small part of his blanket....seemed to do the trick and he settled in to sleeping nicely on his blanket on his rug with his pillow.  Think it was the idea of his scent on his special box that he needed near him to sleep. Our Miss Molly sleeps in her special chair with her cosy "Angel" blanket ....or if we are gone on the living room sofa....which has her stolen beach towel and blanket on it.  She will sneak into bed with us after we have gone to sleep and she sure is a good foot warmer!  See if you can use a part of his  favorite bed to help him accept a new one.  It worked for us with Shilo.

Elton sleeps anywhere, they ripped it and all the dogs loved it




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