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Cash loves his bed.  We got it when he was about 5 months old and I knew it was temporary until he grew and was a trustworthy that he wouldn't destroy a bed.  I got him this fluffy round one that I wasn't even sure he would use.  I layed it down at he foot of the master bed, and before I could remove the tags off it, that pup was curled up in the middle and very happy with it.  From that night on he never would sleep anywhere else.  He waits for us all to turn off the lights and he happily plopped into the middle of this way to small bed for his size now.  It has since gotten very lumpy and the seams have given way and since it was a cheapy bed, I saved up for a nice giant sized memory foam one befitting my special boy.  Well that was two nights ago.  I am exhausted from not much sleep!  Cash doesn't like his new bed.  He gets up every couple hours and wakes me and is very unsettled.  Even whimpered a bit too.  Just in case, I had stored that old lumpy little bed in the basement and sure enough he knew where it was and last night in the wee hours, he started scratching on the basement door.  I let him down there and he happily curled up in his old bed.  Broke my heart really to know that he didn't want the new fancy expensive bed I got him.  So I packed up the new bed and returned it today.  He is back sleeping on the little lumpy one and I am searching for a round bed like he has only triple the size!!  Hoping he will accept it if it is the same kind.  I was thinking you guys must have funny stories of trying to change out their favorite bedding or blankets and how did they react to it.  Do yours prefer a bed to small?  A soft pillowy style or a nice firm one?  I am on a mission to find him the bed he likes since a happy sleeping dog means a happy sleeping family!

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Have you noticed that setters ,Irish ones anyway, seem to be able to get into the smallest boxes? Fred is a big dog,54k of joy and he is not fat,just well covered! I once caught him sound asleep curled up in a box no bigger than 10"x18".I still wonder how he got in there!

I was just thinking that.  I had a setter years ago that was near 100lbs and he wasn't overweight, just huge though in statue.  Love the picture of Elton, that is just hysterical. My dog can curl up into the smallest ball that I have ever seen and it is funnier when they uncurl and the long legs come out and they stand up, it's amazing that all that dog can fit into such a small space if needed.  But stretched out sleeping he takes up a whole couch from nose to tail. 

Hi sue, Reubens has a small plastic bed in the lounge to curl up
In but sleeps on a 'snug & cosy' rectangle corduroy bed in the hallway. They are great as have soft but firm sides for him to rest his head on. We were lucky that he got use to it straight away after his crate. Aren't they funny when it comes to change!
When Bridie was a puppy we had a small blue plastic crate that we put vet bed in...I can't remember where we got it, but itwas just right for the first few months of puppy Irish life which we've always found includes chewing the bed to bits! Anyway she grew out of it after a few months and we progressed, on to oval plastic beds as usual . She is now 8, and on our recent trip to the vet, I was waiting to pay at the desk and she was obviously getting tired so she strolled over to the small blue plastic box they have for pet food donations, which happened to be empty. In her eyes it was her old puppy bed, so in she got and just managed to squeeze her ample behind into it and sat there quite happily....everyone was in hysterics :-))) At least it eased the painful paying of the bill as I was laughing so much.

Well I just ordered him one and am hoping it is going to work out since returning it will be costly and difficult!

Gulp....the lady told me she would get the large size but I went with extra large since he can really stretch out if he wants.

Dropped enough on it that if my husband asks me.....oh I got it on sale will be my reply.  He better like it because with this one I will have to cut the top cover off his baby bed and put it on the new one in order to make him happy!  Lifetime guarantee on it....so fingers crossed he will like it.  Mammoth Pet Beds is the company site if anyone is interested.  They ship all over the world and seem to be the place for giant breed dog beds.  I better go book more work to pay for this!!!


What an ungrateful wretch of a dog!

Not wanting to fall foul of product placement but I’m really pleased with the 3 Peaks range of dog beds http://www.3peaksdog.com/. We bought the Wayfarer Mattress on the day we collected Errol, then 8 months. Admittedly my other half wasn’t at all impressed with the rugged look of the Wayfarer and insisted it should never (dis)grace anything but the kitchen floor. Errol also seemed a little unsure at first but I think it was mainly because he wasn’t used to having his own bed. At first the bed was very spongy and the thick water resistant material made it a bit noisy (it reminded me of a waterbed). However, the purchase has proven to be the best ever! I believe no ordinary bed would withstand my dog’s sharp claws and desire to re-arrange his bedding in the most energetic fashion. Therefore the soft fleecy top never stays on for long and usually gets replaced with a large cotton blanket. In addition there is now also a leopard print cushion (to appease the style freak in the family) so now Errol happily takes to it for an afternoon power nap and during the night. Recently we’ve also bought the 3 Peaks Crash Mat for the car, which for a dog who spends 50% of his life wet and muddy is heaven sent because dirt can simply be brushed off when dry. Errol also seems much more stable in the back when I swervedrive round the corners.   ;)




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